What Is Your Answer?

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, July 31, 2013 | | 3 comments »

left or right palace
Left Or Right

The question of the week posed to me by someone.

1. You desperately want to buy product A which is your 1st choice favorite, but it is unavailable/sold out until an undefined period? Will you wait for it or choose the 2nd choice which is 

2. Product B, which is 80% likeness to product A and it is available now.

I answered it truthfully, since I am the living answer to this dilemma. 

Currently taking mental notes of all the likes and dislikes which the 'energizer rabbit' is telling me honestly progressively.

So which answer will you pick? 1st or 2nd. I bet most readers have this question before.


  1. Happy walker // 3:20 AM  

    wait lor for the product A since edi want it so badly~ >.<~

  2. ChampDog // 6:17 PM  

    Are you taking about Gadget here? lol

    For this question, my answer is to wait for the product A since I desperate for it. You know what, later I will regret. lol I think most people will choose to wait.

    However in reality, I seldom really "desperate" in one product. So, I usually do not wait for it as long as current product serves my purpose.

  3. YSLim // 2:21 PM  

    i will go for op 1.

    Even we went for op2, we will still regret about didn't able to get the op 1.