5 Reasons Now I Know RickHo Is A Girl

Posted by Kris | Monday, April 01, 2013 | , | 1 comments »

Remember this "girl"?? After she started to call me names and fyi to me that she is a really a girl countless of time, I decided to do some research.

Rick Ricky

Here is my 5 reason why I now know he   oops..(my doubts came in all of a sudden, momentary lapse) Rickho is a girl.

Like any engineer, I demand proof. So here we go!!!

How to proof "RickHo" is a girl.

1. RickHo does not have an Adam's apple. (orange rectangle)

Okey, you might argue that Adam's apple can be removed surgically. (body attributes can nowadays be REMOVED or ENLARGED with today's marvellous science) ^_^

While physical attributes can be changed on the whim (see here http://www.knowthymoney.com/2012/12/if-you-are-born-ugly-dont-worry-go.html), behavioral is a little more difficult to mimic. 

See the rest of the proofs. A behavioral analysis, of some sort.

Miss Tiffany 2012 

2. Guys don't drink from Hello Kitty Cups!

I will be shot dead if I am seen drinking soda from Hello Kitty cups.(2 some more) If it were beer or heavy liquor, perhaps there will be some saving grace to be seen with a Hello Kitty logo.

3.  Guys don't dress up like a cat

Okey, there are guys who don't dress like cats but can be pussies sometimes. 

Well, that is beside the point. RickHo must be a girl if he is willing to dress up like below. (Leopard growl..)

4. Guys don't show the love sign

Guys do this!! (make not love but war)
After David Beckham got sent off in the World Cup
5. Serious guy photographers don't use Nikon, they use Cannon!!

Cannon is a guy's ultimate weapon 

Please don't cry.. RickHo, if I initially thought you were a lady boy!! Sorry ya..jangan nangis. I don't want to get flamed by your 10,000 fans especially male stalkers followers.

Today is April Fools day!! So smile always...

Personal note, if you looked thru the pictures above, Rickho really transforms from a little chubby girl (so guys don't ever reject a chubby girl, she might turn out to be a swan later on) to a confident girl. I never knew that squatting pose (I don't think I can get any like even though i am doing that pose every morning in my toilet) can get >2,000 likes!! lol..

P.S Lastly RickHo is a girl ! (not sure why her name is RickHo though)


  1. Anonymous // 1:15 PM  

    are you just trying to get smacked dude?