Welcome 2013 & Looking Back 2012

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Looking Back 2012

1. Need to lose some weight and led a healthy lifestyle. Something that i did not achieved in 2011. I think probably my lack of discipline.

(Not successful, even though I go to gym every weekend to do cycling. I looks like I need to control my diet and also try to lose some fat by building muscle? I heard that this will increase the metabolism rate and is more effective to lose wait than cycling or jogging which only increases your stamina. However, I think my fitness is better than before, I managed to complete a 10Km marathon under 1.5 hours on the dot.)

Discipline in dieting and constant exercise is also an issue for me. A note for myself to improve on this area.

2. Get up an running my personal project. This is something I want to try as I am naturally incline to build something up from scratch. I guess I like the learning process and challenge to reach my target goals. I am doing something that I like to do. I guess procrastination here is my number 1 enemy.  

(Not successful, as I was very busy with my work. Nevertheless, I got some new income thru my gigs at Fiverr.com and I have fun doing it for USD5 (well actually it is USD4) See here http://www.knowthymoney.com/2012/05/fiverr-what-are-you-willing-to-do-for-5.html & cashing it out http://www.knowthymoney.com/2012/06/step-by-step-cashing-out-my-fiverr.html

Procrastination is also an issue for me. A note for myself.

3. Widen my circle of friends by spending some time to attend social gathering and activities. 2011 was just too busy for me because of my work, etc.  I rekindled some of my old contacts that I did not meet up for some years..lol

What I Achieved In 2012

1. I went on a SOLO driving spontaneous journey. Spontaneous means that I did not make any hotel accommodations, nor any specific itinerary. I just had a start & end destination. I drove around 600KM in a span of 3 days using my GPS and my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note to unknown places that I never went before. I just call up hotel reservation by googling on my smartphone which is a pain because I did not have a car charger for my phone. So at one point, my battery was almost flat and I have yet to find any available hotel for me to stay. And hence, after I come back, I bought a car charger for my Galaxy Note. (Moral of the story).

When you travel alone, you will need to always watch your back (nobody can cover your ass if issues crop up) though and ask around if you cannot find the exact location on the GPS. 

Thank the LORD for keeping me safe during my journey.

I LOVE Beaches. One of my stops on my solo journey

2. Well this is not a achievement though. I met a person who is willing to go back all the way to pick me up and drive me to my car on a rainy day but at that time I had already braved the rain and ran to my car. I am touched by this person's good intention especially when we are not so close. (I do have the comment that I have a very serious face (for those that are not so close to me), hence might scare some people). And not to mentioned that I am very spontaneous in nature. So I did a lot of stuff to have a good impression.  Timing is always not very good. Perhaps I am unlucky and not mere coincidence as touted by this good Samaritan. I should pray pray more :D

I found this during my travels and bought it as a gift

Resolution for 2013

1. Need to exercise more and lose some weight. I want to attempt the half marathon this year. This requires some training, as the last time I attempt it it took me 3.5 hours, I think which is over the limit by 0.5 hour. And, the next day I was walking like a crab. And I did it when I was way younger than I am ow. I scare "pancit" later if I don't train for it :D The worst scene for me is when I see a lot of aunties overtaking me during that marathon run. T.T

2. Get up an running my personal project. Really need to push for this. Hopefully, I am not overburdened with my work with the new re-organization at my workplace.

3. I hope to deepened my faith since this is the Year of Faith. I would like to join some bible study, etc since the last time I had something similar is during my baptism year. That was a LONG time ago. I been doing some soul searching this year, as after years of heavy workload, I am on the edge of burning out. 

There is no point accumulating so much wealth if your spiritual side is all dry up or your health deteriorates. I realized that my time on earth is limited, so I want to make my life a meaningful one. 

P.S I bleached and dye my hair deep blonde (something like Justin Bieber) for CNY 2012, (year of the golden Dragon mah). And it took everyone by surprised and shocked..lol. Perhaps for 2013, it is RED color?! Like below. YOLO!!


  1. ChampDog // 9:47 AM  

    Wah nice one! Looks like health is one of key resolutions in many of us. :)

    Is your solo driving in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia? What GPS software you use for your Galaxy? Is it Sygic?

    Lastly, want to consider bald hair style? This style has been with me many years. :) lo!

    Happy New Year, Kris!

  2. Kris // 3:35 PM  

    This is my solo drive in Malaysia. I am using a Garmin GPS. I never heard of Sygic. I like using Waze though, as it can tell you where the traffic jam is.

    Bald, ah. Cannot lar, with my current weight, I may look like a cueball or bowling ball. Too round.

    Happy New Year to you to ChampDog.

  3. ChampDog // 3:37 PM  

    Galaxy can install Garmin???

  4. Kris // 11:58 PM  


    I have a physical GPS device, Garmin beside my Galaxy Note :D

  5. kampunginvestor // 10:30 AM  

    Hi peeps! I am back.. ha ha..
    Hope all your resolutions will come true at 2013 ya and all the best.

    Miss me? Lolx..

  6. Kris // 1:10 PM  


    Long time no see. Not much news from you ler.. How are you doing, dude?

    Did you manage to fix your blog from those pesky malware warnings?? I think it came from those ads.