SCAM: Lottery & 4D Sure Win Number Prediction Scam

Posted by Kris | Saturday, December 29, 2012 | | 4 comments »

I been seeing this type of flyers being distributed in every neighbourhood. This is the first type of flyer that goes into my rubbish bin. This SCAM practically ask potential victims to call the number (censored, here. I don't want to give free advertisement to them) on the flyer. And the scammer will contact a "MONK" to pluck from the air, the winning 4D aka lottery number to the victim. Of course, this is done with the perception that the scammer wants to "HELP" people to get out of money problems by winning the lottery.

No service fee are actually printed on the flyer, but surely the scammer will ask the victim some money to perform some ritual, or do some charity etc in return for the prediction number that they received. They will ask for some upfront fee or "sincerity token" before the magic/winning number is given to the victim, and ask the victim to pass on the good fortune to those in need.

One question begs to be answered: If they are so good in predicting numbers, might as well throw their entire fortune on a single winning number and they can use the winnings to do charity easily, instead of relying on other people who might win but DON't donate :D

I don't think any religion encourages gambling as it is addictive and destructive. There is a rehab center to treat gambling addicts founded by a hardcore gambler himself. I saw the article on David Chiang, a former gambler that almost took his own life and destroyed his family's life, and turn around when he found GOD. Link here. I am interested to buy his book, "Bleached To Serve". Anyone knows whether I can buy it at Popular or Borders?

I do like to read story biography of average people so that we can learn something from their experience and strive to avoid or repeating their mistakes.


  1. ChampDog // 7:46 PM  

    When people are desperate, this thing will become the only hope. :)

  2. Kris // 8:48 PM  

    Kinda sick those scammer taking advantage of desperate people.

  3. Anonymous // 10:38 PM  

    they will pretend that some high monk in thailand is performing the prayers for good luck then give a number to unsuspecting victims, the 4d or other numbers comes out at 7 10 pm and they will text the victim at 720 pm!! then they will ask around 8 to 10 k from the victim as the monk needs to do more prayers to maintain good luck and buy candles for prayers!!! and only after this sum of money is banked into an account, they are suppose to gove the winning prize, real conmen using poor Buddha's name shameless they should be thrown into isolated cells somehere in Siberia and the banks who allow them to open accounts should be shut down immediately by Bank Negara!!!!

  4. Anonymous // 10:40 PM  

    they are the conmen of the highest order cheating in the name of poor Buddha and other deities, beware of the so -called prayer rituals n the money they demand!!