The Mystery of Genghis Khan's Treasure

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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a famous conqueror such as Alexander the Great. I read about Alexander's exploit but never Genghis Khan, perhaps I will get a biography book on him. Should be interesting.

I never knew that there is effort to locate his tomb. Like all ancient kings, these famous kings/conquerors tend to be buried with treasures much like the Pharaoh Ramses (golden mummy) and China's emperor, Shih Huang Ti. (teracotta)

Since Genghis Khan’s death in 1227, countless searches for his tomb have been launched without success. Their motivation is that it is both logical and possible that the largest treasure and store of wealth the world has ever known is buried with him. You may be wondering how this can be? If you look at a modern map, Genghis Khan’s territory would include thirty countries—and more than three billion people! Treasure hunters have been in a frenzy to find the tomb for centuries.In fact, several people have publicly proclaimed to have found the grave site but have been proven wrong. My point is that despite all this potential incentive,why hasn’t it been located? Currently scientists using satellite imaging and ground penetrating radar have located a few pottery shards and some images of an underground structure,believing that the tomb may be within reach.The discovery of these relics generated a Newsweek story on the subject but, in my humble opinion,they are celebrating prematurely. Have they found the treasure? 

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