Gold Guarantee Panic In Singapore

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Note some shocking similarities?

Greed knows no color or creed. What can be done in Bolehland, Malaysia can also be done elsewhere in Singapore. 
  • Similar business model with the rest of the Gold schemes in Malaysia. Promises monthly return by selling GOLD at a premium compared to the REAL market value.Then use the money to pay monthly dividend.
  • Most investors don't hold physical gold because of additional interest incentives
  • The CEO suddenly "disappears" and un-contactable.
  • On MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) high alert watchlist. MAS is similar to BNM.
  • Offered help to buy/bailout Genneva investors by buying their gold or continuing their investment in Gold Guarantee instead.

My take on this? Trending to be an un-sustainable business model and will leave the investor dry.

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  1. Happy walker // 6:30 PM  

    all money sure gone d lo~