What Have I Been Doing In Nov 2012?

Posted by Kris | Thursday, November 22, 2012 | , | 1 comments »

I just realised that my last post in KnowThyMoney was like 2 weeks ago. November 2012 prove to be a very busy busy month for me. To the point of hectic where I need to calculate and plan very ahead what I need to do a day by day basis. So what I have been doing:

1. Rekindling some old "not flame" friendship that was lost because I was quite busy for the last 2-3 years. Building up some new connections and trying hard to gain visibility from 2 persons of interest. I doubt they will find my blog so I just write :D . Visibility and connections is very important in life especially in this modern & globalized world, else you cannot even get the chance to be close to be given a chance to prove yourself. Work in progress.

2. "Sembang-sembang" with my financial industry related friends to get the latest insight on finance related news especially on property. I am targeting a certain property for my own personal stay but I am not sure whether I can afford it without doing some "financial manuvering" as I picked up quite some debts this year.

3. I realized that by not watching television (there are not many interesting movies nowadays, I find that my night time and weekend is much longer for me to spend on more productive things)

4. Settling issues related to my car. 

5. Monitoring a certain stock counter that is behaving quite "suspiciously in heavy accumulation mode". Hopefully it turn out all right since I bought it more when it is on the uptrend aka "Average Up".

6. Work-life has been changing erratically.

7. Lastly, been busy reading around blogs and the enormous backlog of books that bought over the years.

Nevertheless, Nov is quite a turbulent month for me like the waves that keep on charging relentless on all directions. Change is the only constant thing in life. 

I will need to take good care of my health also , in terms of physical and spiritual. I am having a series of weird dreams,  and I think I got the message!


  1. LCF on Personal Finance // 10:28 PM  

    The Only Constant is Change :)