Earn Money Thru Writing Grabawriter

Posted by Kris | Sunday, November 25, 2012 | , | 1 comments »

You can earn some money (depending on how serious are you) writing articles and content for other people. The website is called Grabawriter.com , at first I did know realised it meant "Grab A Writer". Lol. Basically, it is like a marketplace for connecting writers and clients who want content written for them for a small fee. 

So I just signed up and created a profile. And it just took like less than 5 minutes to do so. So far, there are 77 clients online on the website, and I have yet to receive any projects yet. So no $$$.

Next you can set 5 type of writing skills & niche that you are most proficient in to offer to potential clients. Since I like finance, I put down "Business & Finance" and being an engineer, I like tech related topics. You can put down the pricing for your articles that you authored. I just put down USD1 for every 100 words which is about average what people put down as i search the writer's database. Some charge like USD2.5 per 100 words. I just put down a daily capacity of 500 words in 5 hours, just to be on the safe side as I can easily churn x2 to x3 from that. Just want to test the waters.

Just watch this animated video from grabawriter about the entire process. I like the video since it is simple and clean.


  1. Mellyora // 10:26 PM  

    Grab a Writer is a SCAM. They chraged me $20 for something I did not, and never would have, ordered. I am getting in touch with the FTC right now about it. BEWARE. If anyone doubts I am legitimate, call me at 843-358-4194. I have been ripped off by this company and am scared to death they will be trying to take more money out of my paypal account without my permission. I am on hold to report them as we speak.