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This week's exclusive interview is on a local Malaysian singer who plays a mean electric guitar :) See video below. (Kinda envy of her guitar skills, as the closest thing I know to play is a keyboard....computer keyboard. I always feel that a guy that has good guitar skills can be very attractive to the female species..damn!! I am not musically gifted)

Her name is Melinda Wong Wai Mei hailing from Petaling Jaya. She will celebrate her birthday soon on 9th November 1988.

Let's support our young and local music talent :)

1. What is your full name, place of birth and birthday? A short bio-data introduction about yourself.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Melinda Wong is a singer songwriter.

Melinda started playing the guitar at the age of 14 and discovered her talent for songwriting at the age of 16. That was also the time she started taking her singing more seriously. She has always loved music but it was when she was 18 and had her first gig that she realized how much she wanted to pursue music as a career.

A graduate from Sunway University with a Diploma in Performing Arts, she previously studied in the International College of Music for a pre-foundation course but decided to explore her other talents such as acting, directing and filmmaking.

She has performed in various places like Laundry Bar for RRecords Night, Earth Hour at Sunway Pyramid, a Homegrown event at Bentley Music, TM Consumer Convention at Istana Hotel and was in the top 18 of the ‘Got Talent Or Not’ competition held in the Library at e@Curve.

There are articles of her in The Star and The New Straits Times as the runner-up of a video competition hosted by Homegrown. Her video of her original song titled “Escaping the Smaze” stood out and gained her the spot.

She was also featured in the June issue of Blaze magazine (Sunway’s in-house magazine) and in April’s issue of Mobile World magazine. Aside from that, she has an impressive number of subscribers and video views on her Youtube page.

Her latest projects include 2 upcoming singles and possibly 2 music videos for the singles.

With a wide number of songs in her pocket that ranges from Rock to Country/Folk, she has chosen the path of Pop/Rock & Post Grunge and will in no doubt set the stage on fire with her rockin’ guitar skill and her powerful and passionate singing.

2. When did you start your singing career? How long have you been singing?

I started singing seriously when I was 16 and wanted it to be a career of mine when I was 18. There wasn’t really a time when I truly pursued music as a career because I was always busy with college, work etc. But I would say that now I’m gigging more compared to before and I’m starting to focus on my music more.

It actually took quite a while for me to sing in front of people cause’ my voice is such a personal instrument to me. I still get pretty shy when someone asks me to sing them an impromptu song. 

3. How do you describe yourself as?

Melinda Wong. :P 

Well from the top of my head, I’m playful yet serious, quirky yet normal, hyper yet laid back, romantic yet logical, spontaneous yet organized, confident yet timid, simple yet deep, a thinker and a dreamer but more than anything, I’m someone who longs and thrives to be what God wants me to be. I’m a Christian.

4.     What is your favorite food? favorite color?

Don’t really have a favorite food…but I do love Italian food :)

Don’t have a favorite color as well….I like Black, White and soft colors like baby Blue, Purple & Pink.

5.     Describe your daily routine as a performing artiste.

Practice, Prepare, Push (Market my music and push myself to practice more) & Pray.

6.     What’s your motto or the advice that you live by?

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
Romans 12:1

7.     Whom do you draw your inspirations from, musically & artistically?

From my own experiences, the experiences of the people around me and from God.

8.     What is the current single and album that you are releasing?

My 1st single would be “20th Floor” (Post Grunge) and then I’ll be releasing 2 Pop Rock numbers “Are You Happy?” & possibly “Useless”.

9.     You are stuck on a Desert Island, what is the one thing you would carry to an Island?

A device that can turn anything in the island to anything I want :D Yes, that includes transforming sand :P 

10.  Ten years from now you will be….

Married with a kid or two, hopefully still singing, performing and working on a new album. Also doing some film acting and voice acting on the side. Hopefully my passions would have been my full time job by then and that I’ll have a clearer direction of what God has called me to do. I hope that I’ll be living as a good wife, mother and a godly woman. 

"Electric Guitar" - Quite Cool in my opinion

"Useless" (Original Composition)

Bad Romance Cover: Live

"Are You Happy?" (Original Composition)

Twitter @melindawong88


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