Should You Reveal Your NetWorth $$$ To Others?

Posted by Kris | Thursday, June 21, 2012 | , | 2 comments »

During a long time ago tweet chat with @ChampDog, we discussed about whether an average person should reveal one's networth to other people particularly stranger or even friends. Wives are excluded from the discussion, as it is highly unavoidable in these modern times.

For @ChampDog, his answer is a NO. He feels uncomfortable to do so. Well, I do agree with him.

However, here are my thoughts on the 2 side of the coin: (Thinking from the mindset of a guy). For female readers, just reverse some of the conditions.

For the side of "YAY"

1. A guy would like to reveal his net-worth if it can use it to impress people especially girls!

Okey, this condition is where a guy is not using this head to do the thinking but his nether regions. Hence, to impress a hot chick, a guy would be willingly reveal or even brag about the number of properties, cars, stocks, etc that he owned/invest. Some even will go so far as to lie about it. :) 

To be fair, sometimes girls do ask the following probing question to gauge a guy's financial standing.

a) So you been working for quite some time in XXX company, so are you a manager now? senior executive, etc
b) Where do you live? Are you renting or owning it.
c) I heard that you have a high salary, etc. Not bad ah?

Fellow hot blooded males, how do you plan to answer these types of probing questions? 

2. A person will showcase his wealth/networth if this is needed to maintain appearance of success.

This condition occurs especially, a person needs to showcase his success in a certain field to attract a following. Example, that you always will see is that certain speakers will always say the following:

a) I am earning RM10K per month just by doing this xxx. I can teach you how to earn RM10K just like me.
b) Here are my bank account transactions as proof that doing this xxx strategy it is possible to earn alot of easy money.

Sometimes, IMHO, these sale pitches & claims can be very unbelievable. In this practical world, sometimes a win-win situation can be self-deceiving aka NOT everyone can win and make money. 

Sometimes, for personal preference or work environment reasons, people splurge on expensive luxury items and cars just to keep up with the Joneses. Meanwhile, they stay highly in debt and stay in a simple housing conditions.

Of course, there are also people that genuinely very rich :)

In short, there is nothing wrong to showcases or even flaunt your wealth. It is up to each individual  to do so . It is their right to do so if they wish to do so.

For the side of "NAY"

1. A person is reluctant because of the fear of the symbol below:

This is especially true especially if a person always undeclared his/her business income. LOL.

Somewhat "urban legend" that we always hear once in a while where these guys go audit a famous "Char Kueh Tiau" seller because he owns multiple properties. 

2. A person is reluctant because of the fear of being target of kidnapping, ransom, etc.

The richer you are the more locks and security camera that you will want to install in your house. So the appearance of being rich can make you an easy target.

3. A person is reluctant because of the fear of leeched by "parasites"

Parasites here are people who want to be with you when fortune smiles upon and as quickly as they come , they disappears when misfortune befalls. These group of people are not true friends, but being human as we are , we sometimes are not able/blinded to look through these human chameleons.

What do you you guys/gals think about this blog post? Would You Reveal Your NetWorth $$$ To Others? Hope to hear some comments on this.


  1. ChampDog // 5:56 PM  

    Thanks for mentioning me here! :) Here are my comments on some of the reasons below:

    (1)Impress girls like that is the very not skillful. I always think a skillful person do not need $ to impress a girl. Maybe I"m talking about myself. lol!

    (2)Usually happen to MLM or direct sells. You need to be a role model of success. You forgot one more, the CEO or VP of a listed company. They have no choice to declare how much they earn.

    (3)Yes, Income tax! I think most Malaysian fall into this category?

    For me, I'm not a person that would like to showoff. Probably I"m introvert people. I"m more enjoy that I"m being perceived "poor" but in fact richer than anybody else. I somehow like that feeling. LOL!

  2. Kris // 1:56 PM  

    For point (1), $$$ is the end product. Most of the time, you need to impress girls by showing how capable you are in life, such as career, doing business, got PHD, etc. All this achievements usually correlate strongly to $$$.

    Sure, you can say that alot of salemen has a lot of beautiful girlfriends just because he can sweet talk alot. But I think, nowadays girls are more smarter and realistic, thus preferring those that can walk the talk :D

    Haha..for me, the more I reply that I "not rich than most of my peers" , the more they think I am very loaded :D weird world!!