Introducing Demi Lee KeQing (可晴)

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | , | 0 comments »

While surfing the internet, I only discovered that she is a currently a local artiste and singer. Okey, I have to admit I seldom listen to Chinese songs, I am more leaning towards techno beats and soft rock :D

Natural Look

Not much profile info about her though. I never seen her in TV before though. Most Malaysian Chinese artiste usually becomes famous when they manage to breakthrough the Taiwanese market?? That is my personal thoughts though. Taiwan is usually the favorite place to launch new singers to stardom. We have a few successful Malaysian singers launching their career in Taiwan , becoming famous there before coming back to Malaysia to perform :D.

The only info I know is that she is only 18 years old but her voice sounds mature. (I thought with anime/barbie type face, her voice would  sound cartoonish/cute-ish")

Looks like a lot of talent are getting younger and younger. Malaysia has a lot of talent just that they seldom given enough exposure to fully showcase their talent.

Another example is Brenda Londoh. (I saw her perform a few times on national TV and has a following in Indonesia, which I think has a huge market due to its huge population)

If any readers out there that know more about her, feel free to share in the comments.