DIGI: No More Smart Plan RM15 Rebates Promotions ? Samsung Galaxy Note Not Available??

Posted by Kris | Thursday, March 15, 2012 | | 0 comments »

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was aiming to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note with a 3G plan aka Digi's Smart Plan 68 with RM15 rebates. See the promotion below from Digi's website.

The 1st Digi Authorised Outlet that I went to were met with disappointment. The salegirl mentioned that there is no Galaxy Note available. And when I ask when there will be new stock coming in, she did not give a definite answer. This comes a total surprise to me. It seems that they don't really want my business and it is so weird that an authorised outlet in  a popular mall does not have any stock left. And Samsung Galaxy Note has been out of the market for some time so I expect the demand has dwindled a bit.

The 2nd authorised outlet that I went to is coincidentally is located in a another shopping mall. Again the phone is out of stock. But the sale guys mentioned that I can get a phone this Friday if i am a serious buyer. But when I ask about the Smart Plan RM15 rebate promotions, he mentioned that the promotion has expired last year. This really confuse me since Digi's website is shouting about the promotion.

So another look at the FAQ at the promotion mentions this.

Q10.I want a phone bundle. How much do I need to pay up front?
A10.Advance Payment is applicable for each DG Smart plan. You are required to pay for the device advance payment for sign up with contract and a one-month commitment fee. These advanced payments will be used to pay for your initial monthly bills.

Then at the terms and conditions for the RM15 rebates.

This promotion is NOT valid with DG Smart Plan™ device bundles. 

So these statements really confuses me alot since I been told that you can get the Galaxy Note at certain priced bundle with the Smart Plan + RM15 rebate for March at one of the roadshows. (Damn, I should have bought the package that time)

Nevertheless, I am going to a 3rd authorised Digi outlet to ask for my Galaxy Note!! And to inquire about the Smart Plan RM15 rebate promotions for March. I might just printout the promotion details from the website in case they mentioned that the promotion has expired!!

Now I am seriously suspecting that the authorised outlets are not in sync with each other and DIGI. Some have promotion, some don't???