Poll: Total Property Debt Versus Annual Income

Posted by Kris | Thursday, November 17, 2011 | | 1 comments »

I just want to get a grasp on the Total Property Debt Versus Annual Income Ratio of my readers. So please spare a few clicks or time to click the poll at the sidebar on the right.


Total Property Debt: The outstanding loan for your property, nor matter how much property that you own. Basically what is the total amount of the property loan

Annual Income: How much gross income that you earned annually after taxes:

So lets say if your property debt is RM200K, and you annual income is RM50K. The the ratio will be RM200K/50K = 4x.

With these definition, this will be a very very rough estimation on how leverage you are owning a/multiple properties. The reason why it is a rough estimation is that not all your gross annual income will go into paying off the loan; I assume you need to eat, pay car loan etc unless you are a robot :P

And the "Total Property Debt" surely will be higher in reality as we need to consider the interest incurred along the years.

So this poll is just a rough estimation. I know of the fact that a lot of people are leverage to around 5x or 6x of their annual income. So i am doing this poll to confirm my suspicions . As for me, my leverage is around 3x.


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