Funny Thing About Property Investments

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | , | 0 comments »

Some people are saying that the Malaysia property bubble is going to burst year perhaps? or never at all according to some of those pro-property investment investors. I stumbled upon property blogs or forums, and I cannot help but be perplexed by the comments and retorts published by both camps.

Here are some examples of the bullets fired from the pro-property investor (I call them Gungho) and the bubble prickers (lets named them sceptics)

Gungho: I already buy property ABC at RM400 per square feet. I managed to buy the last unit. :)

Sceptics: That property is not good. Too crowded, always jam. This kind of property you also want to buy. You are driving up the prices around the area causing the average people not able to buy.

Gungho: Anyone that has the money will buy it. It is a good deal. If you don't buy now, the price will go up even more. You don't simply say that it is not good since you are not buying it. Don't spoil the rumors around , later the property cannot subsale.

Above is just my summary of the common comments given out there. It is kinda of interesting and funny to see people arguing around trying to persuade the other NOT to buy and another camp defending their property purchases.

If already buy a property  "Gungho";  there is no point going all defensive to JUSTIFY the purchase. Even if you win the argument , you are just wasting your time entertaining those "sceptics". Remember that you are the ones taking the investment risk in purchasing the property. So with due diligence, just don't care about what other people say and trust in your judgement.

And for those "sceptic", there is no point to DISCOURAGE people from buying. You cannot stop other people's desire and decision in an attempt to make money through property investment. And you don't get to profit if they don't buy it. This is not STOCK where you can profit if you do short selling or go opposite direction from other people!!

In Malaysia stocks particular, you will see a biased discussion since in KLCI you cannot profit from shorting.

A: Buy stock XYZ, it will shoot up the moon

B: Sure or not, fundamentally the stock is week.

A: You will regret it if you don't buy. I am going to make alot of $$$.

In short, sometimes I go to the aforementioned forums to get a kick on how people go to ALL offensive and defensive on unproductive discussions. It is like listening to transcripts on some of the "funny" Malaysian court cases where the laywer's tongue is as sharp as a razor blade to pierce through illogical arguments.