Challenge Me At Chess!! & Earning Money Playing Chess

Posted by Kris | Saturday, November 12, 2011 | | 1 comments »

I been joining this online chess site. So far i think it is the best site i seen so far, beautiful interactive and has a healthy active participation of players all over the world. 

Here you can select to play standard chess or a chess960 which is a variant of chess created by Bobby Fischer. And the time limit can be very short, lightning bullet aka 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min. The 1 minute limit is really fast!! something i am really not up to par yet. And sometimes i encountered some bug where I thought I was waiting for the opponent to move, but even up because of my lagging connections, IT WAS actually my turn to move!!! That is really a bumper..especially when i am winning.

One thing different about this site is the introduction of "cubits". Each time you play a game, you need to spent cubits which some sort of currency. If you run out of cubits, you cannot longer play a game. So this MEANS the site is NOT entirely free. 

So you can BET your cubits in a game. So if i bet 20 cubits, if i win i will get 16 additional cubits, draw get  0 while my 20 cubits are returned, and if i lost i will lose my 20 cubits. So notice that winning don't give you 100% returns. You only get additional 16 cubits. This is something like a tax on the winnings that on the long run I believe will encourage people to use COLD HARD CASH to buy the cubits. CLEVER IDEA HUH!!! The reason is that if I win 1 game and lost 1 game, i actually already -4 cubits from my original values.

But each day when you play, you will get 30 cubits for free. And if you are DAMN good , enter the tournaments to earn the "crown" currency (i still new at this) where you can CASH OUT... so you can earn money by being a good chess player. EARN MONEY while playing chess!! There are tons of tournament held daily. (Most are speed chess, and I am a bit rusty on the speed department. So hold off for now)

And you can use your cubits to buy video tutorials, etc. There is even a VIP package.

Here is my technical analysis chart of my ratings...LOL...

Got consolidation and BULL market.. At one point, my play got downhill with successive losses. ( I guess even though I was tired, I kept on playing as I was trying to get out of my glut.. The more i tried the more I loss. Something like the stock market, once you lost your MOJO or a few successive losing trades, it is best to stay sideline. Thankfully, my rating is now on a bull market :P 

Nevertheless, I am just an average play. But i like the competitive environment where you got something to lose aka cubit besides just your rating. Beat stronger players, you get a boost up your ratings. Of course strong players are very strong. (1 minute blitz/speed chess game. You don't even have time to cheat. Of course, @chesscube has an mechanism to detect cheaters. Not sure how though.)

You can watch other players play each other.  :)

So come and say hi to me if you are into chess and have a game with me. My ID is KnowThyMoney.


  1. Jay // 4:26 PM  

    Nice site. Do you know other chess sites, where you can make money?