Sugar To Go Up 20 Cent!!

Posted by Kris | Monday, May 09, 2011 | | 8 comments »

Looks like my salary and the rest of the average Malaysian cannot rise fast enough to counter the alarming prices for our basic daily needs.

It makes you wonder that when sugar increases 20cent for 1kg, does it mean that your teh peng that only uses a teaspoon of sugar, must also increase 20cent also? Another problem that I notice is that the amount of ice that i have in my drinks is  very overwhelming, sometimes it completely fill up my cup!!

In my whole entire lifetime, I never saw prices drop back once it increases. Property & the stock market do drop during the 2007-2008 bear market though but not food & petrol prices.

Life just gets more challenging year by year.


  1. ChampDog // 11:57 PM  

    Look from positive side, start to consume less sugar since it is bad for health. :D

  2. Kris // 8:39 PM  

    The spill-over effect of sugar is kinda evident such as the price of a teh tarik, bread,etc.

    Hopefully, they don't ask me to eat less bread or rice if the prices increase in tandem :P I still like eating rice..hahaa

    yeah..eating less sugar can easily reduce your weight. :P

  3. ChampDog // 9:05 PM  

    That's why teh tarik should put less sugar too and not to increase the price at all.

    I was joking with my friends. If we order teh tarik kosong, we should get discount of 20 cents. Make sense right?

  4. Kris // 9:17 PM  

    yeah..It should make sense. But unfortunately, it will not happen :(

    Like the price should not increase 20sen, as a cup of teh tarik don't use 1kg of sugar to make.

    Maybe we should ask for a 10% raise since sugar increase by 20sen..haha

  5. ChampDog // 9:19 PM  

    Only if your company belongs to your dad one. Hahaha... :) How is the increment this year? Not good?

  6. Kris // 9:32 PM  

    Haha..that the cons of being an employee..your earning is limited by your pay. However, you don't need to worry much about how your biz going to fare day by day.

    Increment is so so only..

  7. ChampDog // 9:39 PM  

    Ya, there are always pros and cons.

    You definitely can't be super rich but you can be at least better than average if you manage your money well.

    If one really wants to be super rich, don't work for someone. Start your own business...

  8. Kris // 9:52 PM  

    Haha..we can always do some side business :

    Fixed income + variable income

    There is some risk, but the reward is there also :) hahaha