New Proposed Malaysian Housing Loan Scheme

Posted by Kris | Friday, May 06, 2011 | | 4 comments »

PM Najib has announced that the Government will give land to developer with the condition to build affordable housing around the range of RM220K so that the youth can afford to buy it. The developer will take this non-profit ordeal as CSR aka Corporate Service Responsibility activity. Hmm.. I wonder who is willing to be charitable here and hopefully the houses' quality is up to par, as the developers always lament that RM220K houses are not possible due to rising construction costs.

Oh..btw: RON97 has just increased RM0.20 yesterday. And the election will probably be 11.11.2011 because Najib like "11" very much in his life as mentioned in his radio interview. Hence, the various goodies announced and I see that the TV news item nowadays has a very strong bias towards the government in recent days. It is like trying to brain-wash you sublimely. It is the same old trick again; Singapore election time is also not spared from the parody.

Divide & Conquer - Old but always work!


  1. housing loan // 10:30 PM  

    hopefully the price of housing now going to rise any higher so that more people can afford to buy one home.

  2. Kris // 11:14 PM  

    @Housing Loan,

    I don't think this will stop property prices from increasing. The problem with this scheme is how to attract developers to build such low profit or near zero profit to the rakyat.

    Developers are NOT in the business of charity.

  3. Mt. // 12:11 PM  

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  4. Kris // 1:34 PM  

    Thanks Michael for the link.. You keep the good work of blogging.