Hero2Zero & Zero2Hero : Brazil VS Netherland (1-2)

Posted by Kris | Saturday, July 03, 2010 | | 0 comments »

Sneijder scoring the winning goal through a header

World cup result matches are ironic sometimes and not to mentioned having weird coincidences.

Last night Heroes become Zeros while Zero become Heroes.

Brazil VS Netherland

Felipe Melos became the HERO when he assisted a beautiful pass to the short tempered Robinho to scored the 1st goal to get the lead at only 10 mins in the game. Netherland supposely has the best defense through the qualifier and the group matches. They let through the least number of goals at the group matches.

UNFORTUNATELY, he delivered Netherland's equalizer when he head-butted the goal into his own net. Now he is ZERO.

He then became another SUPER ZERO when got a RED card by kicking Arjen Robben on the hamstring when he, Robben fell down during his tackle. During the whole match, Brasil marked closely Robben up to the point the coach had to do a substitute on the Brazillian player who is marking him because he picked up a yellow card to curb the Dutch playmaker.

Robinho don't really help the situation as he kept on shouting with the referee and at Robben each time he fell down during a Brazillian tackle. Well, Robben IMHO don't really look like diving on each tackle, just he really got tackled hard each time the ball fell on his legs.

Wesley SNEIJDER scored a header to to give the Netherland the winning goal and never looked back. After that, the red card came for Melos and Brasil's dreams to reach the semifinals were fading away.