Germany Blitzkrieg Triumphs Argentina (4-0)!!

Posted by Kris | Sunday, July 04, 2010 | | 0 comments »

The German is having a field day today, beating their arch rival convincingly. The Germans are clearly much faster going up and down the field. At times, a defender like the Captain Philip Lahm is pushing up to Argentina side in their attack and is able to rush back to defend in time. Another example is , the forward Lukas Podolski is able to quickly rushed back to acts as a defender to clear the Argentinian attack.

The first goal came as early as 3 mins are the game was warming up with a header from No.13 Thomas Muller. I thought the game will end with a 1-0 score win by Germany.

Well, I am happy that I am wrong when Podolski unselfishly and confidently tapped the ball to Miroslav Klose to scored the 2nd goal without any resistance on 68th min. Notice that Podolski slowed down to pass the ball to Klose, where he could be forgiven if he tried to score and fail at his location. This is called teamwork. I note that most of the German goals so far has been short tap assists where the scorer is always in a position to score at point blank position, even though the assister could have tried to score himself. This really attributes to the German success, as so far the tap assists has led to wonderful goals.

The 3rd goal came at the 74th min after Arne Friedrich , a defender scored at point blank from a solo run from Schweinsteiger.

The last goal from Klose is a gift for his 100th International cap is cross assist from Mesut Oezil at point blank range to seal Germany triumph and also ended Diego Maradona's side.

Notable VIPs present in the match is the extremely happy German Chancellor Merkel and Michael Ballack. Other movie stars such as Leornardo Dicaprio , Scarlett Johansson (i think) and Rolling stone star are also captured on screen as the camera pans over the stadium.


Germany' strengths are
- Teamwork
- Speed and youthful energy
- Quick passes and counter-attacks
- Very strong midfield and forwards, literally controlling the center

Germany's weakness
- Defenders are shaky. Holes need to be covered by rushing back midfielders and forwards
- Cannot do long passes to escape tight defenders.
- Individual skills may not be as strong as South America teams players. But then again football is not a solo game :P

My prediction for the final countdown match is Germany VS Netherland.