Switching Public Mutual Funds Online

Posted by Kris | Friday, November 06, 2009 | , | 7 comments »

I just switched all my equities Public Mutual Funds that is earning >15% into money market funds. Some of the funds are still suffering losses here and there, thus i plan to do some dollar averaging on that in the future.

To be fair, previously I lambasted Public Mutual Funds' online system. Now, it looks like the system's functionality has improved. So Kudos!!

Now it shows the current NAV on the funds that I owned and the total initial investment that I made into various funds. Switching funds is now very simple and quick. It just took 2 days for the switching to take effect as indicated on the website. This is what i am looking for, it is a damn hassle to call up your agent, fill some paperwork just to switch funds. Time is an essence thus I prefer everything to be "snap snap" or literally here "click click"

The website also shows your funds bought with your EPF contributions, which cannot be cashed out into your pocket if you decide to sell but funneled back into EPF .

There is some room for improvement though. They should bravely show what the profit/loss for each funds instead of requiring me to remember what is my initial investment in any of the funds. They only show the combine total of your all your investments but not individual funds investments. If not for my book-keeping, i don't even know whether i am making money or not!!!

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  1. ChampDog // 2:13 PM  

    Reading of this, I just realized I haven't received my pin number yet. :)Glad to hear that the system has improved a lot...

  2. Kris // 9:40 PM  

    Yeah..fortunately it is improving. IT infrastructure and services are really under-developed by Malaysian companies.

    One thing they not yet speed up is the painstakingly long time to get the pin number..

  3. primepeng // 12:14 PM  

    let's say the Bursa trades just half day, I wish to know the cut-off time for the same price on the same day. does it change or still 4pm afternoon? I happen to switch a fund right before trading closed, and would be monitoring the difference between the two consecutive days. hope it's a gain because the amount is big for me. thanks in advance.

  4. primepeng // 12:15 PM  

    can I have your email address instead?

  5. Kris // 1:32 PM  


    I am not attached to any mutual fund agency. I am assuming that you are holding mutual funds that is highly correlating to the KLCI, since you are asking about Bursa.

    But from what i know is that,you probably will not get to sell at a price that is reflecting the KLCI's good performance today.

    The reason is that mutual funds's NAV calculation update is usually lagging behind.

    Usually, i don't really time the market when cashing out from my mutual funds. It would not hurt you very much since mutual funds daily gains/losses fluctuation compared to the stock market.

    Let me know if i am wrong.

  6. ChampDog // 5:34 PM  

    I agree with you, Kris. :)

  7. Kris // 12:30 AM  

    @ChampDog, I think you know better than me since you are part of the exclusive GOLD member. :)

    I am more of a stock and options guy :D