Maxis IPO Final Ballot

Posted by Kris | Friday, November 06, 2009 | | 0 comments »

For those who subscribe to Maxis IPOs,

The submission date was closed yesterday. The price determination will be on 9 Nov. It might be lower than the RM5.20 per share price. The balloting will take place on the same day aka 9 Nov. The results of successful or lucky applicants will be notified on the 17 Nov. Listing will be on the 19 Nov.

Not sure when the money will be channeled back to your banking account if you did not get it. I kind of forget how many days after the balloting itself that the money returns. If i am not mistaken, you will get back the money quite fast, as i applied a few IPOs before in the not so distant time ago, thus the poor memory of it.

Good luck everybody...

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