Natural Moves - The Art Of Finesse

Posted by Kris | Monday, August 17, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

Today, I realized something that separates between an expert and a novice during a sport match. "NATURALNESS"

An expert exhibits naturalness when executing his/her moves thus minimizing the energy usage while maximizing their full power. Every movement is precise.

A novice does the opposite, thus end up losing and wearing themselves out.

Naturalness is a theme I learned during my early years a chess player but i did not realized until today. Good chess moves usually is very natural and looked very very common sense. It may not be a sharp positional play but because of its naturalness, the position exhibits power in agility and mobility.

Something similar like sports, where every kick,tee off requires finesse to execute perfectly.

How to gain "Naturalness"? Hmm..talent is one thing..The most important thing is hardwork!! Pure Hardwork ;to gain the instinct to perform excellently without much effort, thus the theme.

P.S I am not deviating from being a financial blogger. LOL. I just getting more philosophical lately..Perhaps this an indication that i am growing much much older or whether i should get a doctorate in philosophy as i believe i can really write a book on philosophy of life if i want to :P

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