Broken Wings

Posted by Kris | Thursday, March 19, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Aftermath of the rally, it really burned a deep hole in my pocket. Succession put trades to recoup the losses proved to be fatal and stupid. Time to stay away from trading and reminiscence. :(

What a bad month for me!! On the other hand, my AIG shares is now recouping its losses to 50%. But a loss is still a loss.

Yesterday's rally was a surprise as US Treasury announced that they will buy up stocks and debt to bring US out of recession.They print like 1 Trillion USD dollars.

Although, i think this rally will not last but I don't dare to call a top yet.(The strong will always grow stronger and vice versa) Not many could think that this rally can last a few consecutive days with financials leading the way. At least i don't.

Oh well, easy come easy go. Need to learn more and be more DISCIPLINED in my trades.

Anime Pic: Trinity Blood. I like their theme song, "Broken Wings" by Tomoki Hasegawa , it certainly reflect my mood.