Chain Mail & Chain Effect

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Seen this email chain being circulated heavily and being updated by concerned employees of the respective companies. Btw, "VSS" means Voluntary Separation Scheme. In Malaysia, because of the tight labor law, the VSS receipient usually will be compensated quite well depending on year of service as compared to the US. In the US, once you are fired , you get ZILTCH and are required to leave the office premise immediately with security escorts.

From a few mutual friends, the factory shutdowns seems to have some basis. This shows that the global demand for electronics has slowed down dramatically.

I have not yet heard any news being circulated on my company as most companies mentioned below are based in Penang. Not yet spreading to KL?? :P

**keep fingers crossed**

No idea if this is true or not.  

More and more bad news   coming, it would be lucky if you still have job. give your very best, put in your heart & soul in your work now. 

 Employers are cutting staff now, if you are not contributing, either do something  to change or better watch out. these is the time companies

weed out mediocre performer or under performer

Avago USA no plan shutdown as no more in house production, hiring freeze.    

ASE shut down every fortnightly on Monday starting from Nov 3.    

Fairchild planned forced 'Mass Vacation' for 9 days leave in FY08

INTEL – No increment 2008 review, VSS for those under perform and massive cut cost/travel 2009, no shutdown plan yet   

Motorola, Penang- Still hiring+profit, suspect government backing 'look after', 

Singapore   cellphone plant cut 800 job and now waiting for sale.  CLOSED DOWN

Siltera, kulim – Propose close down this Malaysian 1   st       Feb company, loss RM4 Billion in 2008  

Agilent planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave. Jan09 might have another shutdown. No increment 2008 review.  

Flextronics 4 days week for Month Nov and Dec.    

AMD     Penang   announced this morning VSS lay off 500 employees .    

Spansion force to take leave (5 days in this quarter)    

Jabil planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.