Trading The Stock Market Needs Passion

Posted by Kris | Saturday, October 18, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Personally, I like to read books of various genre. It is a good thing that my natural reading speed is above average or else i cannot devoured books like a speed demon. This something i don't realized until my friends hammered me during occasions where i skipped past an article/slides when we are reading it together. :P

Nevertheless, i am now reading the 2nd continuation of Jack Schwager's book aka THE NEW MARKET WIZARDS. It is a quite good read from his earlier interview compilations of various successful market traders/investor/speculators. Almost half way through....:P

One thing very common among these market wizards are their enormous passion in trading the markets. It is up to a point where making more money is no longer an "important" factor for them to continue trading. They do it for the sake of playing the greatest and most exhilarating game in this world. It is their sole purpose in life.

For me, since I was a kid i am attracted to the stock market due to a computer game during the 486 computer era which featured Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck conquest to riches where we can buy/sell stocks to increase the total net worth. But the stock prices fluctuation was fixed according to a cheat sheet. 

And i was alittle bit exposed to the real stock when my family bought into mutual funds during the 1990 eras where the instrument was still very new in Msia. I helped my family to scan for the prices in the newspaper daily. (P.S I had nothing to much to do during that era and i used to read almost every article in the local newspaper every morning!! It usually took like 1 hour to digest everything.. LOL..I was too free that time..No homework..etc..well i never had to bring homework back during my school days.. :P)

Nevertheless, I was too preoccupied in video & computer games and had little exposure in stocks during my uni years. Looking back , i regretted that i wasted most of my uni years doing such things instead of concentrating on the stock market where all the fun starts. I don't cannot recall anything related with economy during my uni year. That proves how ignorant i was during those years.

Thanks to a certain close friend (not sure whether he will stumbled upon this blog..I seriously doubt it though..haha.), I was exposed to the world of stock markets. I never look back ever since. I am no longer the kid that just scans the newspaper for the daily mutual fund prices. Now, I have the capital to do some serious wealth accumulation. The start of the bear market and global recession is the greatest opportunity to accumulate some real gems with a small amount of capital. I missed the opportunity to capitalize on the bull market rally due to limited capital and inexperience. 

My friend was correct that I was lucky in a way i started to trade during the bull market and it will be a different ball game when the bear market comes.--"He said this during the bull market, before the subprime mess". In a bear market, it will be a different ball game.

P.S hopefully don't lose too much money in the process. :P . I hope to continue trading for along time..with profits of course. That my dream and goal.

Pic: In the words of Midori....GOGO!!