Lehman Is Not A Bear . Part 3

Posted by Kris | Sunday, July 06, 2008 | | 0 comments »

After a barrage of stock short selling, LEH begin to rise again after their management agreed to issue mid-year bonuses in form of LEH stocks to retain their employee from leaving. To the market, this action dispells rumours "AGAIN" that the LEH is heading the same direction as Bear Sterns. ~13% of the total float is currently on the short side. (http://www.shortsqueeze.com/)

The stock rose from its new low until it hit the USD24 resistance and dramatically tumbled towards the end of Thurday's short trading session (due to 4th of July celebrations) . The volume transacted is quite huge also making us to wonder whether there is really a "FIRE" that is going to trigger a huge unstoppable forest fire!!