Bad Week!

Posted by Kris | Sunday, July 06, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Last week, was quite a bad week for me.

1.Got saman while speeding on the highway . I guess the police is extra hardworking as the standard of living increases. Thus, beware alot of police roadbloack along the highway.

2. GSC screwed up my movie bookings causing me to watch "Doomsday" ,a very 18PL movie where everyone either die horribly or got cannibalized. I even showed the manager the internet booking on my Iphone but he said that nothing can be done because the servers were down and bookings did not get updated.

Not sure whether my friend is disappointed with me or did believe that i really had a internet booking done much earlier. I even went earlier to the GSC to collect the tickets!!

3. The option broker that i used did not stop out my position when I went to Dreamland. Causing me to lose significantly for a small position. :( . Lets hope come Monday, i can minimize my losses.