CIMBClicks EInvest Service Charge

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As highlighted by one of my readers from Sarawak, below are the service charges incurred when you buy mutual funds from CIMB Bank through their CIMBClicks EInvest. Damn cheap!!!

  CIMB Clicks eInvest
Type of FundsNormal
Sales Charge
Promotional Sales Charge*
Equity Funds5.0 – 6.5%2.5%
Index Funds1.0 – 3.0%0.75%
All Bond Funds1.0 – 2.0%0.0 – 1.5%
All Money Market Funds0%
Strategic Income Bond Fund

new - 
(31 Jan to 9 March 2011)

More information on buying mutual funds through CIMBClicks EInvest.

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