Project Silencer 2016

Posted by Kris | Sunday, January 17, 2016 | | 1 comments »

Silence is Golden

I been not blogging for a while because I am very busy with work and my other projects. However this past months, I got a much needed reality check on so many fronts.

Here are the realization that I got based on the interaction with my friends (some among my closest friends.)

1. People don't usually share your dreams and aspiration of SUCCESS ESPECIALLY IF they don't have any share in it or able to profit in it. They prefer to wallow in your NEGATIVITY if they have a chance to do so.

I have to admit last time when I was very a young adult, I do have such thinking, simply because of envy. Deep down it was envy. I was envious of people able to do things that I could not do myself BUT yet un-willing to admit it because it would show a sign of weakness. 

Rather than admitting it and accepting this fact, so internally we will compensating it by "pouring cold water" on other people's idea EVEN though you know it actually will have NO EFFECT at all whether a person can execute his/her dreams. 

But neverthless, my thoughts at that time were kept to my ownself. I don't like pouring cold water to people. But it was a behavioural thing/struggle that were unchecked.

But as I grew older (hopefully more wiser), I do hope all my friend's ventures will be successful, because their success will be indirectly beneficial to me in the future. E.g such as future collaborations, leveraging resources, etc. Of course, this is all provided that that person still remember his/her roots and don't turn out to be an proud & ungrateful asshole. 

People change especially when they are successful. And there is a chinese proverb that says that it is always very hard to SHARE the glory and rewards when times are good.

2. You will not jinx something if you broadcast your dream and aspiration to others before it comes to fruitation.

This is something to do with the Chinese culture. For example, a pregnant lady cannot tell people that she is pregnant during the 1st trimester in case it may cause "harm" to the unborn baby.

You need to broadcast your dreams because along the way you can able to like-minded people that can help you to achieve the dream TOGETHER. It is very hard to find people with the same vision as you.

If something 'bad' really happens, it just happens by chance and not by the effect of broadcasting your un-fulfilled aspirations. Nevertheless, many people use this as just a lame excuse for their un-met and failure of their expectations.

3. Talk but NO Action.

A lot of people like to do this in their past time. They talk alot of doing such and such, but when it comes to execution, no one wants to do it or no one dares to do it.

And such, nowadays I have little patience to listen to people's repeated same issue even though I already gave countless advice to them, and yet they don't do to resolve anything it. Heck, I even excused myself from meeting up with them because I know it will be a problem listening session with the same problem repeated over and over again.

Sometimes I feel like I am an un-paid psychologist listening to non-paying clients.

Unless you pay me (I have a small side income on this too I put my listening talent to good use.), it will be just a waste of my time.

Conclusion, this post is to remind me to work hard to achieve my dreams, so in the future, I can look back and restrospect my thoughts.  I just want to do it and show myself the RESULTS!

Final thoughts to myself: Always stay with the positive energy, go away from the negative people!


  1. Henry Tan // 5:56 PM  

    wow totally agree with you on the Talk but no action thing.
    I have met countless people complaining about this and that yet they do absolutely nothing about it.

    but good for you, you get a side income for being listener! hahaha