How To Make Money Trend In Malaysia

Posted by Kris | Sunday, September 20, 2015 | | 2 comments »

Like a Boss

If you look in FB, this is the current : "How To Make Money Trend" in Malaysia.

Ringgit is worthless, lets throw them around

Tablet is too big to cover up

That amount of money cannot buy Logines

Shop till you drop

Easy money..

Objective: Get recruits to join your scheme/sale/group/etc. Majority of them are MLM based or Forex/stock groups,etc.

Why: Why work hard? Just use these methods to make alot alot of money. 

How: Just PM me at Facebook or Wechat me. (I even saw one telling potential recruits that they will provide the "sale methods" which means which type of photos to post to attract new recruits. Heck, if you look long enough on the social media, alot of people may just copy past the pictures below and claim that these money belong to them. Some even got bolder and will put their own IC side by side to the money shot. Of course, some of them will inevitably post themselves behind luxury cars, houses, etc. 

I even see cheques that I think have been modified to change to their respective names. Too obvious and sloppy photoshops.

When: Of course, join NOW!!!! Dont miss the chance of the lifetime~!!. You see many many postings of me instagramming tons of money that I get from the scheme/sale/group.

Who To Target: Mainly targetting young college students who want to earn quick bucks the easy and effortless way. The other target group will be young fresh uni graduates, that just started to work to repay their expensive tuition fees. There is a few catch points to this to catch different prospects:

Students: The entry fee must be low to join the scheme/group, but potential prospects are being sold the dream that they can make alot of money if they do it right and little by little the money returns will grow. Of course this make sense, will so little entry fee, the gains will be slow. Ultimately it will be a volume game, if you want to target these segment.

Entry Fee of choice: RM100 to RM300.

Young fresh graduates: These group of people is one of the most naive people with lots of dispensible money and income. It is the most profitable and easy segment to target. Indulge them with photos of clubbing, drinking, driving fancy cars and always wearing smart branded attire in their fully sponsored events. These type of "marketing" requires alot of money to be displayed, hence the entry fees to these schemes/groups is much higher than the student segment. 

Entry Fee of choice: is typically around ~RM3,000 to RM5,000 which typically is 1-3 months of a fresh grad's monthly salary.

Young Adults like me (yes, i am still considered young but i think i always old at heart and mind) & etc (lain-lain): This group of gold fishes are the hardest to fish. Experiences in life taught some of us very expensive lessons in life especially those during our fresh graduate period. To catch these fishes, usually the schemes will involves/revolves so-called different business models (BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, etc) that can easily make alot of money. Sounds very sophicated, but if you look deeper and disregard GREED, it is actually straightforward, just that is is cleverly packaged to gain your trust of a genuine business models.

Just google my blog and you can see some of the schemes that is being ran.

Entry Fee of choice: >RM10,000 until un-limited.

P.S Maybe the value of Ringgit has devalued so much that people start treating the money like paper waste?! (see the 2nd

True story: One of the Nepalese foreign worker working as a cleaner at my condominium decided to quit working, go back to Nepal and never come back again to work in Malaysia. Reason: The ringgit has weakened too much and it is not worthwhile to continue working so damn hard in Malaysia. He wants to seek greener pasture oversea elsewhere with a higher pay. Enough said!! If foreign labor also don't want to continue working in Malaysia, then you will know that how BAD it is our country's current economic state!!


  1. ChampDog // 5:51 AM  

    I think they know it is scam, but still think of getting in earlier before it bursts can still earn plenty of money. But they always turn out hard or fail to get out after that. lol

  2. Kris // 12:49 PM  

    The sad part are those that might purposedly led their friends into these schemes..