Business Models - My Perspective Part 1

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, September 16, 2015 | , | 0 comments »

Business strategy is like chess

This is a good website to see various tech startup businesses. And you can see what are their business models and similar competitors across the globe.

In Malaysia (and other countries), there is a lot of emphasis given by investors, angels, and government agencies to startups related to technology. There is always a special funding catering to tech startups.This is my personal opinion, after looking thru various investment business profiling targets by angels and big fund investors.

Hence, it looks daunting for entrepreneurs particularly SMEs (small and medium enterprise) wanting to find seed money to start their own "traditional" and non-tech related endeavors, even though their business model is good.

The buzzword for tech investors are "growth" and "scability" which internet/tech startups is excellent in achieving this 2 major objectives as compared to a brick and mortar SME business. They don't really care whether the tech startup will make or break-even in a short period of time. It is a long term endurance game for some. To play this tech game, they know they need to burn cash to sustain the operating cost until the growth is achieved and hence the $$$. 

What I constantly heard from alot of tech entrepreneurs in Malaysia is that they need to find ways to monetize their product ASAP in order to survive, else they bootstrap until they die off the business. This is largely because Malaysia's population is too small (only ~28million people) to play the growth game. And remember, out of the 28 Million, not all people are tech savy to use the tech services. So the pie is smaller , than lets say the US or China. Or even Vietnam and Indonesia.

Hence, alot of Malaysian tech startups need to branch abroad or rely on a bigger oversea customer base as source of revenue. This is true provided that they have sufficient millions of millions of funding to expand.

Nevertheless, not all tech startups are born equal. What most people don't see in the limelight news, is why some tech startup failed and shuttered down. Why/How they failed is the most interesting portion that I want to dig in into :P