A Girl Wants to Die.A Guy Wants to Love

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Saw this interesting title while browsing thru my youtube feeds. It is a music video for a Thai movie. I always find that Thai movie storylines is always very unique and not the usual out of the mill story. I bet many of you have seen very simple, thought-provoking videos and heart touching short films/movie produced by theThais. They are really a very creative lot.

In typical movies/k-drama, we used to seeing a girl/woman waiting for his dream man to come to his senses and waiting for him to pick and sweep her feet off. Women are typically viewed as more persistant and willing to wait/sacrifice for his dream man( in the context of brainwash by countless kdrama/movie etc) 

Now, in this movie "A Girl Wants to Die.A Guy Wants to Love", the gender role is reversed aka a guy waits for his dream girl. 

Sometimes, regardless of what you do to please he/she, it is just not enough and it is time to let it go and move on. Time is price-less and there is alot of fishes in the sea. **cough cough, **speaking from personal experience**cough cough **

How long can you wait for the one you really love... a month, a year or your whole life? Do you know for sure if the one you're waiting for will finally come to you?

Song : Deficient Love

Based from the MV, the ending is not a happy ending for the "guy that wants to love" .Maybe he should have ignored the girl in the first place which would mean that she probably died?? It is arguable and I have no clear cut answer to it as an audience, but I guess he really loves her because it is a truly a big sacrifice physically and emotionally to try to heal someone's broken heart in the first place.