One Direction KLCI Concert

Posted by Kris | Saturday, June 27, 2015 | | 0 comments »

KLCI unfortunately been One Direction: Down Down Down
KLCI has been for the past many weeks.. One Direction downtrending. Next physical support will be 1,700.

China just lost 7% this week alone..Ouch...coincidentally, I attended a private function that is still recommending China stocks.

But if you look closely at KLCI, there are still some resilient stocks!

PUT warrant prices for KLCI has breach all time highs!! An indication that bearish stance has been in full drive. 

Nevertheless, be wary of PUT warrants in Malaysia, it is not exactly the same beast as his other cousins in US, HK for e.g. IMHO, it don't really correlate very well to the index at times. (low liquidity perhaps, or perhaps easily cornered by smart money?) If you dabbled in US or HK options, you will know what I mean :)