Going Out With A Much Younger Woman

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, March 24, 2015 | , | 6 comments »

Going out
It been 2-3 years passing by, and I don't see any visibile path to Chi Chi, I decided to give myself a chance to know more people especially woman. I don't want to spend my weekends, busy with work all the time while ignoring my social life and wasting my youth away.

So i spent my weekends, attending talks and seminars whatever I can.

I also recently going out for movies and dinners with Miss 'Young'. 

Strangely, I met her at a Blackball dessert cafe. (Do i have a tendency to meet girls at an eating place?!. Lol) She is my senior's friend. Coincidentally also, I was eating with the same guy friend that used to "refuse" to ask Chi Chi out so i could know her better.

Well, this time, I had will not make the same mistake..lol. I had her business card! and directly Miss Young's number.

So I ask her out one fine day to catch a movie and she agreed.And we been in contact casually from that day on-ways. The moral of the story is that "You never try, you will never know".

And considering that she don't really know my background (I have nothing to hide in the first place. Or our common friend advertised me to her, I am not sure?!), I am happily surprised that she is willing to go out with me for a movie. Nevertheless, until now she never ask me about my job position, family background, education , etc. 

A few few years ago, I went out for breakfast with a girl (Miss S) whom my mother liked very much, a very "kuai" (good mannered) highly educated girl. In my mother's mentality, a "kuai" girl will not so much have alot of materialistic/realistic /low expectation of a future partner provided the guy is faithful/caring/honest/blah-blah. (I am not trying to praise myself, but that is what my lovely mother thinks of me. Hahaha. I guess all mother thinks their sons are gentlemen)

To please my mother, so I just went along. (I am also somewhat curious about this girl) It was very akward to the very least, as she asked probing questions about my job; whether I am in a managerial position, how much $$$ I bring home, etc. I told my mother about this, and told her that do not expect that "kuai" girls will not have high expectations about their future partner, hence this type of probing questions. Nevertheless, it was a one-time-off event.

Okey, back to Miss Young.

A few things I found out that surprised me, hence this post:

1. She looked very mature, so I was surprised to learn that I was 10 yrs senior than her!

2. Even though she is very young, she has a mature outlook. I believe this is due to her working part time at a young age. 

3. She is very frank about her looks (she has no qualms talking about her insecurities to me, even though she just know me); getting braces done, etc. I guess most woman will always want to look good. Actually, to be honest, I really never noticed about her proclaimed so-called 'imperfections' on her looks, until she chatted about it with me. She even told me a woman's top guarded secret: Her weight...hahaha.. I think her looks is okey, not too bad as what she perceived herself.

4. Lastly her soft voice and stature, reminded of my senior female friend, Miss AB who had alot of guy friends compared to female friends (as far as i know is almost zero!). 

Initially, when I got to know that I am 10 yrs senior than Miss Y, I was afraid that we did not have any topics to discuss about since there would be some generation gap between us. But to my surprised, she is someone that I could easily talk to. 

As comparison, I find it hard to find a common interest or topic to talk to Chi Chi, even though our age gap is a few years apart and we are from the same field.

Well, what do you guys and girls think about dating a much younger woman? Any notable experiences to share?


  1. Julian // 10:37 AM  

    Stereotypes are something that are not set in stones eh? As they say, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns :) You'll never know what awaits you.

    We wait for your good news

  2. YSLim // 1:00 PM  

    10 years gap I think is fine.

    Most important is both side need to have a common topic to talk, jus imagine if she become your partner, you have to be together with her for another 40years.

    Definitely you are looking for one that have some common interest, isn't it?

  3. ChampDog // 5:25 PM  

    All the best! So far, the young ladies that I know, they don't like > 5 years older guy. :) I prefer younger lady actually if there is a choice. 10 years gap is not that big, plus she is mentally mature. Looks like you have found an ultimate girl? Good luck, man!

  4. Kris // 12:57 PM  

    Haha..ChampDog..your partner younger than you?

  5. ChampDog // 6:02 PM  

    No unfortunately, she is few months older than me. :)

  6. Kris // 11:11 PM  

    Age does not matter, as long stay happy always. :p