Maybank Stock Pick 1H 2015

Posted by Kris | Sunday, January 18, 2015 | | 0 comments »

Big Boys
Just attended Maybank's stock overview a few days ago for 2015, following my friend. Maybank's talk is always interesting. They usually paired the talks with local KLSE outlook with some foreign ones (to promote their cross-border trading accounts aka trading global equities). This 1H 2015 the focus was on China & Hong Kong stocks. Btw, the Shanghai Index is performing spectacularly this few months, up ~50%. Last half-year ago, it was Thailand.

I posted some of the stock picks that were discussed in my twitter account. (just search my twitter photos) I am lazy to transfer over the info to my blog, so i just snapshot the stocks in my watchlist.

Basically, many of the picks are Big-Caps. And I saw that the volume is not that attractive for retail investors like you and me. Oh, well...  

The thematic play for the month is again IT related companies. Oil companies is still seeing no sign of revival with the ever lower oil prices.