Bloody Red October 2014: Stock FreeFall

Posted by Kris | Tuesday, October 14, 2014 | , | 0 comments »

While October is when people are celebrating and drinking merrily during OctoberFest, the stock market is bleeding like crazy.

The reason given by the media is the end of QE3, the longest and largest of the QE. This sparked a huge Dow Jones selldown. Meanwhile the political demonstration at Hong Kong is getting crazier day by day. The tension is brewing waiting for an explosive end.

KLCI charts don't look good. Expect more bleeding
FKLCI chart don't look very good!

Meanwhile for the 2nd day of Kenanga stock game trade, someone  (WOSHIJJ) already has made realized/unrealized profit of RM441K which is roughly 44% in just 2 days!!

In the game, your buy/sell only will be matched if there is a valid REAL world transaction. So even if you buy the best sell price, it would NOT get matched until there is a REAL world transaction similar to your trade.

Hence, there might be some loophole to exploit here where i think there is no such thing as a queue. So you can try to make a quick 1 bid by buying and selling one after another.

The gap between public and student section is very wide!

In 2 days, the Kenanga Stock game ranking