SideTrack: Why Does UFO Disclosure Matter?

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Guardians of the Galaxy
Just saw the Marvel movie: Guardians of the Galaxy where the story about the main hero (Peter Quill) being kidnapped by E.T (Extra-Terrestrial beings) from earth and raised as a intergalactic bounty hunter. It makes you wonder on the existence of U.F.O. which is a well discussed topic.

Some UFO information below:

Knowledge is power, and the truth about UFO encounters has remained under wraps for nearly 70 years, perhaps longer. Under any circumstances, the time has come for government agencies to declassify UFO-related materials so the public can come to terms with the full scope of the issue and consider the implications. Some countries have already begun to declassify some case files, but so far the United States has not adopted a policy of full UFO disclosure. The question remains why this subject would remain so heavily classified for so long if there was not something to it, as many have claimed.

Even though some former and current public officials have openly discussed support of the UFO disclosure movement, the official policy still remains that there are no signs of E.T. visits or a UFO cover-up. This is a clear case of official policy contradicting the evidence, and comes across as a direct lie to anyone that has done extensive research on UFOs. Would the government of a country really directly lie to its citizens? (See: Snowden, NSA Scandal).

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