My 888th BlogPost - Germany Is World Cup Champions 2014 Finally!

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We are the Champions of the World!!

Late Goal in Extra Time by Gotze sealed the game for Germany Win

Dedicated to Germany who is my favorite team that finally won the World Cup 2014 since 1990. The 4th time for the country. And also the first non-Americas team to win the world cup on Americas soil as host. (this fact was mentioned a few time as run-up to the match as Germany is not really the favorite to win because of the stats encounter between Argentina and Germany. Argentina won more time in the encounters.

I was watching the match , and i thought it would end up in the dreaded penalty kicks. I wished it ended in full time period ,as I scare i cannot withstand throughout the night. 

Then suddenly, I was unprepared to see a cross flying to Gotze, he bounced it off his body and swing it to farthest right end of the Argentinean goal post.

GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!!! At the 113th minute, with only 2 minutes to spare and another 2 minutes of injury time. At that time, I was hoping that they simply defend all the way and waste time to get to the final whistle blow and they will be Champions!!!

I ended going back around 6am!! I watched the celebration & medal presentations. 

A few record where broken, that i could think of.

  1. Miroslav Klose became the leading world cup scorer in the World Cup aka 16 goal. What a way to end your career, lifting up the World Cup. He also appeared in 4 world cup tournament. Luckily at the age of 36 , he was given a chance to be part of the team.
  2. Germany scored the most goal in the tournament! I think it is 18 goals.
  3. And also the first non-Americas team to win the world cup on Americas soil as host
When I started watching world cup all this while I supported Germany. I am happy that the finally won as many are age-ing. And they won with the most of the old guard that I supported like Lahm, Steinweiger, Podolski, Mueller & Ozil.

Lahm was a defender, but in this world cup, he was like forward mid-fielder, going up and down on the flanks.

Steinweiger -> Aggresive & strong

Podolski -> Don't see much in the matches as they are many more younger forwards. He likes to take selfies!!!! and Twitter active

Mueller -> As always predator, should have won the golden boot 2014 instead of Messi.

Ozil -> Underperforming as compared to previous world cups, more like his job is taken over by Lahm.

Klose -> Experience matters during finishing

Gotze & Schurrle -> The future bright forwards for Germany

Matt Hummels -> Remind me of Micheal Barrack for his dangerous scoring headers

In the end, I like Germany for their team work and beautiful accurate passings. Football is a team sport and you cannot depend on a single person to win the game!!, even though you are supposedly the living world greatest footballer.  (see Messi below)

Podolski likes to take selfies, see his twitter account

Feels so gay right now. Since Steinweiger has  a very fierce guy look

Confirms Steinweiger is not See his GF!! Woot...

Podolski has a kid too.. Okey that was

Podolski has a kid with his gf..

And of course, the talk of the internet today: Gotze's GF. Pictures of Gotze showing some uncontrollable "enthusiasm" towards his gf in bikinis while wearing a speedo has gone viral with his winning goal. Here surely get a Datukship if he were a Malaysian for his goal. It was a beautiful goal.

Gotze's GF , Anna

Mueller: Where is my Golden Boot??

Muller got the consolation that although he did not win the Golden Boot for World Cup 2014, at least he won the World Cup!!! 

Messi is the saddest guy right now as he won the Golden Boot but lost the World Cup!! When he got his Silver medal, he quickly took it off and keep it aside.

Nevertheless, he was very calm and composed as he is the team captain and he must not show any sign of weakness. But deep inside, I think he is really feeling damn SHITTY@!$@%#$.

You could literally feel the pressure, when he step up to kick the final freekick after Gotze's 113th minute goal. Messi is a free kick specialist, so it was a rare occassion that he kicked wide upwards off the post.

Oh, well.

Nevertheless, Argentina put up a good fight and had alot more chances at goal compared to Germany.

The Worst Feeling in World Cup

Goalkeepers are vital too but not much high profile as compared to forward or goal scorers.Neuer wins the golden glove for his goal-keeping skills. I heard that he has a habit of not letting the opponent's team to touch the ball after their celebration victory as he will quickly go grab it.

Neuer wins GOLDEN GLOVE. 

Here are some fans photos & some eye candy :D

We are the Champion's Song. I think i heard this when Germany won it the last World Cup in 1990, when I was a kid.


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