I Asked 5 Single Girls This Important Question!

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Andrea Corr, the woman I admired when I was a teenager. She looked like Sexy Smart!!
One fine day, I decided to be insane and risk potential bullets coming from my 7 single female friends by asking them this important question. SO what is the important question here? 

No, it is not-> "Are you single & available"? 

Nor is,

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

So what is the pressing question that I was curious about to know from my female friends....

Drum roll please..... My question is....

"U know what is a bull market?"

Below are 100% REAL response from my female friends. (I had to blur out the contacts to protect their identity and mine).  Coincidentally, they are single..I think..

They are all well-educated; holding respectable degree & honors in their respective fields. Heck, some is even more brilliant than me!!!

Judging from their answers, I don't think they will ever stumble upon my financial oriented blog. (I guess it is too boring for them) ;p

If by chance, JANGAN MARAH YA... 








Why I ask this question to them? I accidentally ask one of my female friends, and was surprised with the daily news , website, social media like facebook , most females do not know much about the stock market or share investment. It is as though that not many girls like football. Hence, I decided to poll my friends.

Strangely 5/5 single female friends polled do not know what is a bull market. And their occupations are very diverse and is internet savy, (facebooking is considered beneficial if you know how to use it etc as it is a good way to share information).

Hence, I think they have no idea on stock investment or less financially savvy largely because they are SINGLE ladies!!

Yes, for girls ;their availability status directly correlates to your financial knowledge!!

I also asked the same question to my married female friends and 2/2 of them know what a bull market means.  

  • Single Girls = Less financially savy
  • Married woman = More likely to be financially savy

Why this finding lead me to make such a bold assumption?

If they have a boyfriend or husband, money discussions & financial planning (planning to get married, buy houses, buy car, etc) will surely take part into the daily interactive discussions.  Hence, using the "MONEY NOT ENOUGH" THEOREM, they will surely discuss ways to earn more money to achieve their dream together. Finally, stock investment is one way of investing to grow wealth and knowledge transfer will happen between them.

Vice-versa, most guy are financially savy (to an certain extent) . Men is the traditional breadwinner and hence will always look for ways to make more $$$ to secure their future. Furthermore, the ability to provide bread on the table is an important life partner selection criteria for women as 99% women wants financial security :D

If you have a daughter (you will know all about the painstaking sacrifices you made to raise her to adulthood), for sure you will marry off her to a capable & financially independent Son-in-law. (My friend's quote as he thinks too much for her 5yr old daughter's future).

So it is never wrong to think that an woman will choose financial security over physical appearance in a man. For some guys however, the decision making in selecting life partner lies in the lower region of the body...lol.

So the MORAL of the story:

For ladies/girls/woman out there, it is still not too late if you are not so financially savy, just make sure you find a boyfriend or husband that is financially wise, so that he can share his knowledge to you. Learning together is faster. And learning together as a couple about financial freedom and planning is truly a wonderful 'couple' activity as it is a great way to be in sync on the financial life goals TOGETHER. (That is why alot of seminars have special pricing for couples). 

And I saw alot of successful people are actually POWER COUPLES. Meaning they work as a team to grow wealth and achieve their financial goals!!!

The disappointing thing is that I did not get the response from QiQi on this question. 

Nevertheless, I am 110% sure she would not know what a bull market is. That is not the point; I am always willing to teach her :D Hint Hint, see my previous point above. ;p

I am a busy man; And I only share with those that is close to me if they ask about it(regardless of female or male friends). So limited offer!! Otherwise, I just keep quiet as investment strategies can bore some girls to sleep :D


  1. Happy walker // 12:46 AM  

    buy which one now?

  2. ChampDog // 5:01 PM  

    Good one, I think your conclusion is correct "generally". But knowing "bull market" can't really tell whether a person is financially savvy. I think there're 2 different thing.

    What about non-leng lui? Are they financially savvy?

  3. Kris // 12:34 AM  

    Champdog, if you don't know what is a bull market it is likely that you never invest in stocks. Even if they heard before, does not mean also that they invested in stocks before because they are very risk averse.

    This is true, as I ask all of them the next question but I did not published them. Only 2 girls that know zero knowledge of stock decided to learn more on it after i probe them on this. More on this...soon.

    All the girls interviewed are lengluis :p And I don't think financial knowledge has to do with physical attractiveness.

    The likely factor impacting this is their marital status as i pointed out in the post.