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Spectacles make people look smart?!

My close friend always criticize me for the choice of woman that I pursue. He definitely know my type.

Yes, from the title post and the picture, I find smart woman very attractive. The reason of my friends contend:

  • Never find a smart woman because they are hard to handle & demanding and men should prefer "obedient" woman as life partners to avoid hassles of married life.

  • A smart woman may over-whelm you?!

Nevertheless, I just ignore him as for some reason i find smart woman attractive :D . 

I also think that it is due to the strong influence from the 2 most important women in my life: my mother and my aunt who took care of me. They are very capable people in their own way. 

My mother whom did not have a chance of higher tertiary education is very capable in business and seeking out new opportunities. And of course the charisma to match; she is so well-known that almost everytime i go out with her to do shopping, etc, she always bump with people she knows. No idea how she gets to know so many people in a big city. Of course, I got introduced to alot of uncles and aunties, and sometimes nudged by mother to go to know their single daughters.

My aunt is a very clever & capable woman as she can easily do something after looking at how other people is doing it. E.g, she always cut my hair when I was a kid (with no prior training at all), baking & cooking out of recipe books and also sewing even though she is considered a "highly educated" woman during her time.

Most important man in my life is of course my father. He is a carefree person in life, a real happy go lucky person. He comes from a quite privileged childhood where he got the chance to receive education until he was a young adult. Education was for the privilege for the people of his time. But being a carefree person, he is not very academically inclined.

My father never really ever put much pressure for his children to succeed in education. He always tell me and my brother to try our very best and not to worry about the rest. He gave us a lot of encouragement. And he did not have high expectation in us in life and just wanted us to be happy in life. ^_^

So much so that it is usually me who sign our own report on our father's behalf, as sometimes I forget to ask my father to sign and the rush to return the report to my teacher. He did not comment much on my grades nor does he help me much with my homework (I don't expect him to help out on stuff that I need to do myself. But he did helped me alot on my hand-works assignment as I am a poor carpenter..). Nevertheless, I think I did quite well in my academic life :D

I am truly grateful to GOD for his blessing in life and blessing me with truly wonderful family in my life even though we live a simple and thrifty lifestyle.

Happy Family Day!!!

P.S I started the post with the intention of writing why I like smart woman but ended writing about my family (especially the woman in my life) Hence the strange opener.


  1. ChampDog // 4:45 PM  

    My wife has been earning more than me all these years, can I say I've already found a smart women? lol

  2. Kris // 10:47 PM  

    You hit the jackpot man!!