Happy Easter 2014

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Jesus is Risen!! Alleluia Alleluia!
Easter Sunday celebrates the empty tomb, where it signifies that Jesus has risen from the dead. It signifies that Jesus Christ has defeated both sin and death.

Easter celebration at most churches starts at Easter Vigil aka Saturday night, where the mass will commerce until midnight. Easter vigil is the time new converts to Christians or Catchecumen are baptized. New converts usually need to go thru a class called RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes for around ~6 months before they can be baptized into the church. So the RCIA classes teaches about the history of salvation, bible studies and catholic teachings. I kinda forget what are the syllabuses are though.

Of course, anyway during that period, he/she can decided not to be baptized by Easter. It is still a matter of personal choice. :)

So nevertheless, what happens on Easter Vigil are:

1. The blessing of the Paschal Candle or the Easter Candle, signifying Christ as the light of the world. Hence, every parishioners will have a candle to be lit from this candle's fire. So all the church's light will be turned-off, and will be filled with candlelight at the beginning of the celebration.

2. Baptism for new converts and also renewal of baptism vows.

3. Eucharistic celebration.

P.S Easter celebration has nothing to do with rabbits and finding chocolate eggs hidden somewhere.