Don't Wait For The Stars To Aligned, Make Them Aligned

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Star Origami that I made

There is a proverb "Waiting for the stars to aligned" which means a time consuming wait to wait everything perfectly falling into sequence before executing some tasks.

If you study probability in school, the way to find the final probability for a series of event that aligned together  can be generalized as follows;

Final probability of event A,B,C happening together = (probability of event A happening) * (probability of event C happening)  * (probability of event C happening)

 So imagine the probability of event A occuring is 1 in 10 or 1/10 = 0.1.

And probability of event B & C is also 0.1,

Hence the probability of the "stars" getting aligned is 0.1 * 0.1 * 0.1 = 0.001!! which is 1/1000!!

So now you  know why does the proverb ring true; waiting for the stars to aligned can be daunting and a long wait.

Hence in life, you don't want to wait until all the stars to get aligned before doing something to change your life. (probability is damn low) For example, waiting for an opportunity given by someone to start a business venture, and accepting it after you have sufficient money, etc or waiting for someone to ask you to be a partner (either business or life).

Instead of waiting for the stars aligned aka staying stationary to observes the stars, try moving your head and body around; up to a point, you will eventually find a angle where all the stars do really aligned in your visual range. That is my crux of my argument. 

Being active in pursuing one's dream makes the impossible possible, you can literally MAKE the STARs to be ALIGNED; instead of just waiting idly.

When I was a kid, I was thought that being impatient is a bad habit. Naturally, I am quite an impatient person as demonstrated when I was a 5 year old kid. I literally walked myself about ~1km to my kindergarden alone because I did not want to wait for my mother as I don't like to wait for people if I could do something by myself. So I walked myself to school. HAHAHA. (now as i think of it, it was quite dangerous as I could gotten my kidnapped)

As I grow up, being nurtured to be not impatient, I begin to restrain myself to be more patient. However, looking back now, this "impatience" is really a blessing in disguise as it gave a sense of urgency for me to take important decision in life.

A few example from my own life experience:

1) Rushing to find a total stranger

I broke the taboo of asking a total stranger (look like a very strict guy) in front of a property agent for his number while looking room to rent together. I was urgently trying to find a housemate since I already had rented the another whole house by myself. Hence, I don't really care what the property agent had to say about the house we are seeing because I had no interest already even though the agent drove us to see the house (no ROI for him). And all this while, I was hesitant to stay with a total stranger.

The decision, I dare to say was one of the turning point in my life. I met "my mentor" (as he is much older than me) as my housemate and we clicked together easily up to the point where we can easily know what each other think without even talking (Just google "THE BRO LOOK" if that is the expression to use. Guys will know about this)

And he has similar personality and drive like me :D

2) The girl who friendzoned me:

I saw her at a curry mee shop one fine day as she is my friend's friend's sister. So while I was sitting there, I ask my friend to intro them to me :D (Lenglui mah and is of my taste). But her sister walked to our table instead and say hi to us.

 After that day, I asked my friend to ask her out so that indirectly I will get closer to her (know the sister to know her..hehe). But my friend for some reason always procrastinate even though I keep egging him from time to time as this girl is really caught my eye!! 

(I think this is the problem with some single guy friends; keep options always open to any girl hence afraid to intro a female friend to another bro. Something you don't need/want but you feel reluctant to give to someone who really wants it alot!. Well I don't blame my friend for his actions but I have myself to BLAME if I did not do anything to get out of this predicament)

And I was told alot by my close friend that I am a very very  persistent guy; so I did not wait for another star alignment event to happen ( I did not wait for fate/chance to meet her again in the curry mee shop)

Hence, I make the stars to align by my own actions. In the beginning, she don't even know me as she sat at her own table while her sister introduced herself. See here for what I did . So eventually, I got to know her and the rest is somewhat history. 

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