AfterLife Real Estate Investments

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death note
Death Note
I bet you have heard the latest hottest real estate investment being marketed around. Well, this is not the literal real estate property housing but the entry level is a 5 digit sum. Per square feet wise, it is the most expensive real estate in Malaysia, and some say the whole world.

Well, it is the real estate housing whose occupants once check-in , will never check out.

So what is the big fuss about this alternative investment?

Well, there was an opportunity to speculate on this asset and some serious dough which I was introduced to it like 2 years ago, if i am not mistaken. At that time, a decent lot cost like RM25000++, if i am not mistaken. Fast forward, now , the same lot may be selling like > RM40,000. Of course, the price of one 'lot' depends on the location where it faces aka fengshui premium. 

Alot of people are buying multiple lots purely for investment purposes. Seems that death is no longer a taboo when it comes to making Hence the supply is very limited and the first few phase sold out like hot cakes.

I still feel it is kinda "eewhh" that a buyer can only cash out on their investments in most cases when the grim reaper comes knocking. Sure, they might be subsale investors, but in the end of the day, only those that need it will buy it.

In the end of the day, I passed this $$$ opportunity because of the "eewhh" factor.

Hence, Death indeed can be a lucrative business like the cost of delivering babies in to this world in a private hospital. 

Life is indeed a parody.