How To Be Become A Music Artiste

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I am on leave to enjoy the long stretch of holidays. Took some time off to do my personal finance stuff in order before the end of the year. Yes, 2 months and we will enter 2014. Are you on track on your 2013 resolutions?

I noticed that nowadays there is alot of what i deemeed is a self-published music artiste, trying to break it big into the music scene. If you have the talent, Youtube is one of the best exposure that you can have. And coupled with a well made music video, perhaps you will get signed up by a big music label, and you will make $$$$.

While I watching Youtube videos, I found a R&B music video by this guy below : Jeff Dixon. I like R&B music for its soothing rhymes, especially when I need clarity to my mine. I have a wide interest in music genre, everything except heavy metal!!

Jeff Dixon
Jeff Dixon

You can buy his music album here:

On the flip side, I like techno music and house music when I am doing my work. (it helps me to concentrate, hehe. In university time, I turn it on when solving engineering math problems)  

There is a growth and demand of sexy female disco DJ. An ad at Facebook caught my attention. Okeylar, I admit, she caught my attention. She is Kitty Coda based off Sydney. Her  DJ name rings similar to Kumi Koda. (one of my favorite Japanese artiste)

At first, I thought she is a Malaysian. lol.

kiddy coda
kiddy coda

kiddy coda
Spinning the turntables

kiddy coda

But the true test for a techno lover like me whether she is able to turn the turntables and heat up the disco floor?? You be the judge :D

Sample of the remixes @Souncloud: Here.