4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Steve "JOBS The Movie"

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I just spend the weekend watching DVDs on the movie entitled "JOBS". Yes, it is the movie about the life of Steve Jobs.

At first, I was sceptical of the actor playing Jobs, he is none other than the playful looking actor, Ashton Kutcher. Well, I usually don't think he is a very serious looking actor due to the many comedic roles that he play. That 70's shows (especially this show, where he plays a dumb dumb guy role), two and half man, etc.

70s show
70s Show

two and half men
two and half men

After watching JOBs the movie, I changed my mind about Ashton. He is really a good actor since now he is playing a very emotional charged and serious Steve Jobs. Besides that, his looks is very uncanny to the younger version of Steve Jobs. Besides that, I believe he took alot of effort to mimic the body language of Steve Jobs. They way he speaks and the way he walks. Especially the way he walks. The mannerism mimicry is very good. I did not expect this from the goofy Ashton Kutcher.

Who is the real steve jobs

Who is the real steve jobs
Left or Right

Okey, why do you want to watch this movie? Firstly, you can avoid reading the super duper thick volume official autobiography book about his life. Should take some time read over it.

book steve jobs
Steve Jobs Books

What did I learn from this movie?

1. Persistant pays!! Steve is a very determined person.

2. He is very business like from the very beginning unlike the co-founder Steve Wozniak which incidentally a full-fledged engineer but not very ambitious. He is just doing it for fun. From the movie, you can see that Steve is not that technical as I believe he did not take up any engineering degrees. Need to check on his autobiography. But in short, it just shows you that you don't need to be very technical to build up an successful tech company. You just need to be good in hiring good engineers to work for you :D P.S He is NOT Mark Zuckerberg which does coding when founding Facebook.

3. He is damn serious in what he does, and cannot take NO for an answer. Looks very ruthless at times, because he is very business like and emotionless when making business decisions.

4. Perfectionist to the core. 

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