To Give Or Not To Give

Posted by Kris | Friday, September 27, 2013 | | 1 comments »

It is human nature that when if you give something, you expect something in return. Even in prayers, we always fall into this kind of thoughts. So if you don't get the desire in result, you usually will fell into despair or anguish.

As I grow older, I begin to realized to set any expectation or expect any return for the things that I gave out freely. If I do have such thoughts, usually I will restrain myself from giving. 

For example, giving a girl gifts such as above, which I personally don't think can touch a girls' heart so easily nowadays particularly if the girl is very popular especially with many suitors. Personally, I never knew such a girl that received so many gifts for her birthday from so many people! (Both male and female) Beauty with brains and an accompanying good persona really is a hard combination to find indeed. And there is that innocent na├»vety to her, even though she is not a young girl but a woman.

There is a few potential candidates before, but I was never interested nor some show some interest in them because I was happy with my single life and the freedom that comes with it. You can say that I am very contented with my current stable lifestyle. (P.S I don't drink and smoke, I just led a very simple life without much desires. My close friend ask me before why I like to earn money or find ways to make money since I don't really spend much on material items. Young people nowadays like to buy the latest brand of electronics or latest car model with their monthly paychecks, etc. I never really have such desires. It never struck me before, but after thinking about it, well, I like anything money related because it is all a game to me to keep me from being bored of life)

Well, let the best man win!! Best of luck to me as I already give a very clear signal to her! 

If love is a battle, let the wargames begin!


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    So, chi chi not suitable to you?