MCD Minion Toy Craze Out of Stock In Malaysia ?!

Posted by Kris | Saturday, July 20, 2013 | | 7 comments »

In the first place, I would like to congratulate Macdonald's marketing team strategy to make this the craziest thing to happen in Malaysia. They should all get a pay raise by looking at the insane demand for these minion toys which in my opinion is very low cost to produce in the first place. Now these little toys are selling for alot of money at the "secondary market" aka places where you don't need to queue at MCD to buy it.

IMHO, I don't see anything special about this minion toys. It is off poor quality plastic since this is supposedly sold as a RM3 + Happy meal but it is now fetching like RM50!!

Damn! Doing a buy/sell minion is more lucrative than investing in stocks. I am not sure whether there is REAL demand for this in the secondary market or it is just hyped up. At one point, my friend told me that it is selling like RM2000!! in EBAY. WTF! This is just a cheap plastic toy.

The real unbelieveable is that people throwing away the Happy Meals (in shopping trolleys, see pictures below) and keeping only the minion toys!! Double WTF!! Really wasting food!

It is a matter of time before the loads of minions are being brought over from China but not distributed at MCD outlets but you will see it selling at the roadside. Now those Happy Meal buyers that thought of profiting will see their investment vaporized. Like stocks, these minions are like penny stocks, once the supply is overwhelming, the prices will drop like flies!! Mark my words. Hahaha.

P.S If another knows of any China Stockist that produce minion toys, let me know and we can make a lot of money together.

Queue like crazy

Happy meal gets wasted

Another crazy queue


  1. Happy walker // 2:47 AM  

    sot liao~ @.@~

  2. kampunginvestor // 9:35 AM  

    I wont lineup for those. My gf help my buddy to get the whole set even without lining up! lolx..

  3. Kris // 12:49 PM  

    Yeah, I would not do something time wasting like that too.

    The quality of the toys is very low too.

    Easily can buy this at pasar malam once 'counterfeit' versions come out.

  4. ChampDog // 6:05 PM  

    Kris,what about for chasing girl purpose? lol

  5. kampunginvestor // 8:34 PM  

    Don't why ppl so crazy on this yellow plastic monsters! ha ha...

    Madness man when i saw those kind of queue and lines..

  6. Kris // 11:31 PM  

    Chase girl..hmm.maybe will consider :D

    The girl will be touched as you need to queue up just to buy?? haha

    Yes, this type of craze is what spur bull markets in the stock market. Haha. So we need these type of people.

  7. ChampDog // 9:09 AM  

    My colleague asked my US colleague to buy for her whole set in US. :)