Lazy Weekend: How The Japanese Promote Government Bonds

Posted by Kris | Saturday, July 13, 2013 | | 2 comments »


As we know, sex appeals really goes a long long way to closing a deal. As what have been pointed out by @maveric (man with many interesting life experiences ^_^), using beautiful promoters to sell cigarette directly is against the law, yet a lot of people is still continuing this lucrative and profitable profit.

So when I was google-ing government bonds, I saw this pretty interest article on how the Japanese government are finding creative and innovative ways to encourage people to buy into government bonds. The Japanese government relies heavily on bond buying to continue supporting their economies as the child birth rates continues to drop. 

This might be old news, but they got the help of the most popular kawaii super-group AKB48 to promote government bonds. (see here) Just look at this youtube video, and how can you say NO to them, provided you have a few hundred million yens to spare.


  1. Happy walker // 4:06 AM  

    okay, i buy~~~ XD

  2. ChampDog // 10:44 PM  

    I thought lately they also use this technique to attract good student to the university?Forget which country already. :)