10 Easy Steps To Transform Your Life

Posted by Kris | Wednesday, July 03, 2013 | | 17 comments »

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Saw this good post from Quora, on how to transform your life in 5 years. I am doing no.5,8,9,10. How weird it is exactly what I had in mind to do. lol. Procrastination.

Here is the list that will completely transform you into a better person in 5 years time :

1. Eat healthy. Try to reduce /eliminate junk food.

2. Exercise 15 minutes a day.

3. Join public speaking group - toastmaster. Watch and learn how great speakers talk eg. Steve Jobs, any top politician, cult leader

4. Learn how to code and join open source community. Replace this with any skill of your choice, preferably something that has high demand eg. Electronic circuit design, graphic design

5. Learn how to sell, go out there and sell something, anything. Get used to rejections and you will be unstoppable.

6. Talk to 1 stranger everyday. Stranger = opportunity. Opportunity to make new friend, to get new ideas, to get rid of that fear talking to stranger, to start a business venture and much more. Heck yeah, that stranger might be your future soulmate

7. Write 20 ideas on anything everyday. Keep digging and you might find gold. When you find gold, make sure you take action

8. Meditate everyday

9. Read positive materials every morning. Stop reading newspaper in the morning.

10. Write 5 reasons why you are grateful everyday before you sleep.


  1. BY // 7:13 AM  

    Yes, u r absolutely right especially read newspaper in the morning. Nowadays it fills with lot of negative messages that can affects our moods.

    Those can handle well strangers and good problem solving skills have greater chance to achieve their goals than those don't want to leave their comfort zone.

  2. Kris // 8:28 AM  

    Thanks @BY_ENG for dropping by. Yeah, news are depressing and sometimes even maddening especially politics.

    Able to socialize is a very important soft skill, or should i say survival skills.

  3. ChampDog // 11:54 AM  

    For me is 1,2,4,8. :)

  4. maveric // 3:45 PM  

    For me..it was a case of unwittingly & unknowingly being slotted into No 5 in the mid-70's.Back then,jobs were scarce for school leavers & one tend to 'grab' whatever...especially a job that is offered by a multi-national-corp.Was it a blessing in disguise??

    Yeap..went out to 'sell' fmcp(fast moving consumer products)..the usual channels through the distributors,the different types of retailers & of course,the consumers..plenty sales campaigns,promotions etc2 & how can I forget the pretty & sexy sales promoters then..!?? & the numerous transfer from one town to another..!

    Yeap..plenty of brickbats but it was good 'training ground'...one learn to enjoy booze,a good smoke & locations of all the 'happy joints'in town..! Even when I later 'up grade' to industrial selling,the cold calls were well cushioned by all the experiences above.The main lesson was perseverance really..walk away from negative stuffs which are mostly trivial anyway...

    As you know,I am trying to stay blissfully retired & 1 & 2 are in my daily routine.

  5. Kris // 4:02 PM  


    That kind of life-style should be very fun when you are young and single! :D

    Must have a lot of stories to tell about.hehehe. Booze, girls, money, what else ingredient you need to make a good story!

  6. maveric // 7:18 PM  

    @ Kris,

    Precisely....that kind of life-style was to a certain extend 'fun'for a certain period only....and one really need to draw the line down the road....before the ' cowboying' messed up the physical,emotional,family & financial aspects of one's life....

    However,it was the quickest way for any school leaver to gain courage really & to pick up 'street wise' qualities.... I do not see any other substitute other than this sales job especially when one is young...:)

    Yeap...plenty of stories to tell..eg..there were 7 of us in my recruiting batch.We,of course had the usual one month 'class room & outside field' training before our posting to the various towns.As usual,we had the successful training program 'makan/booze' thing on the last night.For the grand finale,the trainers and seniors had us all transported to a 'pre-arranged happy-joint'(without our knowledge...of course ) with 7 seductive ladies in waiting..:D?!!(cannot reject whatsoever for all the newbies ) & there is where most of us learn about the 'flowers & the bees ' & lost our 'V'...:D:D!!!

    Very saucy eh..& good we post in anonymity....:D..??!

  7. ChampDog // 7:46 PM  

    Wah~~~~~~~ :)

  8. Kris // 7:58 PM  

    @ChampDog Marketing people get the most 'fun' and money too :D

    Hahaha.that is why there is something called 'entertainment allowances' for those marketing guys. Correct ? @Maveric?

  9. ChampDog // 7:59 PM  

    Oh boy, we're engineers!!! :(

  10. maveric // 12:37 AM  

    @ Kris & CD,

    All people look up to engineers ..& everybody look down a sales man lar..!

    The job really build up my courage & did strip me off my naivety pretty fast( I think my parents especially my mother would have objected with some nature of my work if she had knew..lol )

    Eg..We actually had a half yearly 'hooker's night sales campaign' at the famous Tiong Nam/Chow Kit area...a campaign team(usually 7-10 members) would actually drive over in our branded vehicles (for visual impact)& then comb & sell our products to the hookers & their customers there..!!?? It is vice at the lowest level...: the visual,the interaction & the smell especially...they really did leave a lifetime mental imprint on me & unfortunately,is very real & actually a very dark & complex part of our society..!! & how could I forget this aged 'hooker' that requested me to return in half an hour time as she would have the biz & money by then to buy my products...lol..!!

    We are so blessed.

    Aha..I deduce that you guys are from Penang where I had better campaign memories...we do have 'girlie barber shop' sales campaign (you guys should know the product I promoted by now & we normally have overwhelming volunteers )& we combed places like Cintra St,Abu Sitee Lane,Sri Bahari Rd etc2 where there were all located then. Without exception,all were operated by mama-san and all of them want 'business- reciprocation'before buying..!! Inevitably, each of us would sometime have at least 3 hair washes for the day & plenty 'kow suar2'with the usually pretty hair dressers in the name of a hard day's work !!:D...& a campaign duration could be a month involving a couple of states..!!:D

    When I now look at myself in the mirror & see what little I still have on my crowning glory...it somehow must be partly due to those 'hair washes' in Penang I had then...lol..:D & cheers..!!

  11. Kris // 11:43 PM  


    I don't know what product you are selling besides the hair products :D


  12. maveric // 8:12 PM  

    @ Kris

    Sorry...just strike me that we come from different ' time zone 'Hair products & make-up !!? :D..HA3..

    I promoted tobacco products ie cigarettes lor..& of course sometime in the 90's,if I an not wrong,the authorities banned all promotions on tobacco for obvious health reasons resulting in little feel of the tobacco industry nowadays.

    In the 70's,the ciggies mnc's were big!(they still are) & their asp(advertising& sales promotion)activities were second to none..! All live telecast (boxing,important football games)were sponsored by them.

    I was but just 1 of the many SR's based all over the country..all of us had a stylish 'branded' co's vehicle & I am talking about respectable models like Holden Kingswood,Ford Cortinas,Capris & Escot GT,AlfaSud too.The tobacco mnc's were mainly British so the bias towards continental vehicles.'Newbies' were basically involved in campaign promotion & as I said,7-10 vehicles
    congregating at a particular spot is very impactfull visually at least..!

    The comradeship among us were just great & of course,plenty of stories to tell...& to add on the 'girlie barber shops campaign'(as it was a practice for them to offer their clients cigs when they come in) ..other than the hair wash,another service was the 'ear digging/cleaning' & I also wonder if my current less than satisfactory hearing is also due to these activities all in a day of hard work too!!

  13. Kris // 10:39 PM  


    Nowadays I don't see people selling cigarettes using this wow method. Most of the time, is that I see a few heavily makeup and pretty ladies going around to sell cigars at local pubs, etc.

    Unfortunately, there is always a guy that follows them around, which I think acts a driver and a bodyguard. However, sometimes it look like pimping. Lol.

    I am not a smoker but i think usually these ladies sell cigarettes at a premium. However, it is IMHO , I think most guys will think it really potong steam to buy from them because the guy is always there to monitor. So no flirting, etc..haha

    Heck many people buy at premium simply by the 'encouraging nudging' by the pretty promo salesgirls.

    Do you agree?

  14. maveric // 1:13 PM  

    @ Kris,

    Complete agreement with your comments.By right,this activity is illegal..no asp's are allowed for tobacco products and that is why you would notice that there are no tobacco adverts on TV's,posters on coffee shops walls,'A' boards along h'ways etc2 & definite no direct sampling/selling ciggies to anyone...!!

    Next time you fancy anyone of these pretty promoters,try telling the guy to leave her with you & he to get lost lest you make a complain to the authority on his illegal activity....you frighten the s__t out of him & she,on your lap maybe ..:D !!

  15. Kris // 9:36 AM  


    It is illegal to do so? But I saw it countless of times!

    What "ASP" stands for?

    "try telling the guy to leave her with you & he to get lost lest you make a complain to the authority on his illegal activity" - Need to pity the girl ..hahaha. Sell cigarettes not body..lol

  16. Happy walker // 10:09 AM  

    huhu, thanks for this guide! i am negative one~

  17. maveric // 1:23 PM  

    @ Kris,

    Yes..it is illegal to do so.As usual,they are doing it hoping nobody will make a complaint.

    'ASP's' stands for Advertising & Sales Promotions...

    Ha3..that statement was just a figurative statement & not a literal sense of things...:)