The Day I Met A Japanese Girl

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I want to note down this encounter with a pretty and cute Japanese girl while on my travels so I can remember it as part of my life experience. I do feel that in my hectic life, I sometimes missed or forget the brief moment of my life where time seems to stop still. And also some of memorable experience that during my travels away from my hectic worklife. 

I like to take a lot of pictures until sometimes, I do forget where/when I took them hence I started to post them on my facebook so that I can remember them. lol.

Okey, back to the cute Japanese girl story, circa 8 June. (Sorry guys!!, no pictures of her here for privacy reasons. She reminded me of Rukia of Bleach anime though because her short hair styling)

When I saw her (side view), she was toying with her Iphone to find her next destination on the train. She had a very very fair skin and perfect complexion which really attracted my attention to her even though I was very tired and cannot wait to go back to my hotel. She had a short hair and holding a rose in her other hand. She literally emits graceful-ness , so absorbed in her Iphone that I am not sure whether she noticed that I was observing her. (still side view though)

I told myself "die-die" also need to step up and chat up with her even though for a brief moment while on the train. Life is short and brief, so what the heck! I don't think I will get to see her again after my travels have ended.

Next would be what I think is the worst pickup line ever: I asked whether I can take a picture of her :D  Not really sure WTF I was thinking back then.

To my surprised, she agreed and pose for my photo. After that we chatted and she told me that she is from Japan and is a student, travelling around the country (alone in a foreign country) during the school breaks. Wow, so brave for a young girl which is not very common for Malaysian girls. So we talked more about which Japanese city she is from , whether she like the current weather and also I know that she was a in a school band. I even ask her whether she visited Malaysia, which she joking told me that she only visited Malaysia for just 3 hours via transit and bought some pewter souvenirs.

Throughout the conversation, I noticed that she is very courteous and graceful in terms of the way she converse in perfect English. I never talked to a Japanese before but I heard a lot about Japanese courtesy that is due to their strict cultural upbringing in life. 

One story that always caught my imagination is that during the Japanese Tsunami aftermath, there were NO looting or rioting of the abandoned properties, shops, etc. There was simply no panic and there is civil order even though nature had savagely destroyed most of the things out there. For me, that is simply AMAZING and this in IMHO CAN only happen if you ingrained deeply the sense of civil minded and public order from childhood. 

No amount of civil law and the thought severe punishments can cultivate such civil behaviours especially during the state of emergency where the darker side of human desperation starts to come out. 

Time flies and the train stopped at her destination which is a tourist spot which I visited a few days before. If it were possible aka I don't need to catch a plane home, I would not mind to accompany her to see the place again. ^_^

Before she stepped out, I got her FB account (of course I added her) and took one more self photo of both of us.

All in all, it was a very memorable short and brief encounter with a cute Japanese girl. After I have a long thought about it, it was NOT the cuteness of her physical outlook (perfect complexion) that charmed me, it was her courteous and graceful mannerism.

Maybe someday I will have the chance to visit Japan & maybe, meet up with her again over coffee. :D

P.S: I read today that Malaysian can now have multiple entry visas into Japan.


  1. kampunginvestor // 12:08 AM  

    U can email me the picture and i'll promise to keep it to myself? wakakak! :)

  2. Happy walker // 12:40 AM  

    wah so good leh, i also want lah~ Japonese~ XD

  3. maveric // 7:42 PM  

    @ Kris,

    I went to Japan last year as part of my 'retirement' plan to travel & see as much of the world as possible according to the planned budget.

    You are absolutely correct.The Japanese civil mindedness and public order are unbelievable.

    I was in cities like Tokyo,Kyoto,Yokohama and Osaka and guess what...I could not find a cigarette butt litter on the ground I walked on..& there were hardly any rubbish bins around..!!?? The people were expected to 'keep' their personal litter to be disposed when they go back to their own homes..!!??

    I crossed numerous streams and rivers on the tour bus...& I think it was easier to strike '4ekor' than to see floating rubbish..even there were none..!!??

    Are the Japanese 'freaks'..?? Yes..all the 140 million of them residing in Japan but boy..I do admire them..!!

  4. Kris // 7:53 PM  

    wait long

    Need a little of fate and courage :D Besides Sheffield sure alot of foreigners also. Go know one before you grad. That is your mission.

    Another country that I could think of with high civil mindedness is the Taiwanese. Literally, it is hard to find rubbish bins around Taipei and even the countryside.
    Everything is super clean and the people in general are genuinely super polite and friendly. Taiwan should be under your travel list too. Very nice place to relax.

  5. kampunginvestor // 6:08 PM  

    stingy bugger! ha ha! :)

  6. maveric // 6:30 PM  

    @ Kris,

    Taiwan..yes,been there but I would put it as a far 3th to Japan and South Korea in term of cleanliness...

    Another country that left a great impression on me was Turkey..!This is more towards its secularism than anything else.More than 90% of its population is muslim and....

    -Their national drink is called 'Rakit' (sounded like that if I am not mistaken) and the alcoholic content in it is no less than what you have in the Chinese ' Maotai'..!?..Ha3

    -We visited the world reknown 'Blue Mosque' on a Friday afternoon..; the interior was barricaded into a front & back section by 'low wooden' dividers.We & other tourists entered through a side door into the back section & were doing what were expected of tourists...; busily snapping photos of colorful walls,ceilings & the Islamic artifacts all around,listening to the explanation of our guide & what not... and believe me,the praying congregation in the front section,while wholly visible to us and vice versa was oblivious to our presence..! tolerance..:) :D!?
    -even the dressing code was not strict & many Caucasian ladies were in minis & shorts.You are of course required to take off your shoes & carry them with you inside the mosque..!(they have this 'plastic bag spindles' like what our hypermarts have @the vegs/fruits sections'outside the side entrance door & you put your shoes into these 'disposable plastic bag'

    Sorry..I digress from your Nippon lady friend subject & got carried away.

    The moral of the story is there are lots of 'stuffs' that our administrators can learn from others....

  7. Kris // 10:47 PM  


    Turkey is a 'secular' country, but this is being slowly changing by the current govt. (according to the global news, not really sure is true or not. Hence the recent riots)

  8. ChampDog // 8:06 PM  

    My wife left her wallet in the toilet, Japan airport. Someone just took it and hand it over to the airport officer and they called up my wife (somehow the managed to trace it) and sent it back us. :)

    South Korea is very clean too and you don't see any public dust bin too. People there are expected to keep their rubbish and bring back home.

    Kris, send to us. I want to see your taste. lol!

  9. ChampDog // 8:12 PM  

    Just saw maveric's comment. Yes, what I heard is they are expected to do that.

    I think it is kind of cultural thing that everyone has the same mentality and mindset.

    So when Malaysia can shift to this kind of mindset ar?

  10. ChampDog // 8:18 PM  

    Turkey is an opened mind Muslim country and very pro USA and the lady there is very pretty also! lol

    But I think safety there is a concern. Safety there is not due to the people there but more on the terrorist.

    What surprised me was there is a security check every time I need to enter my hotel. The check is exactly same with the security check in airport.

  11. Kris // 10:47 PM  


    My taste has always been good. Just look at my Knowthymoney's pick on beauty pageants :D Search for my old posts and you will see.

    I heard from my friends that even hotels in India has security checks. So it is not uncommon though. Better be safe than sorry.

    Turkey also depends alot on tourism so any unrest really spells a disadvantage to them economically.

  12. ChampDog // 9:24 AM  

    Common in India too? I don't know, I miss a chance to visit India lat time. :)

    Turkey is a good place to visit. :) I enjoy a lot of stuff there. There are a lot of cool places outside of the Istanbul city which is quite far.

    I didn't manage to cover that previously. It takes almost a day to visit just a place. Will need at least a week if you intent to visit those places.

  13. maveric // 1:47 PM  

    @ Kris & CD,

    Turkey as you guys probably know saddles between Europe & Middle East/Asia.The political & religious turmoils in the past affecting her are expected.

    This 'St Sophia' Istambul,I think really left a deep impression on me.It was originally a church(Portrait Of Mary cradling Jesus surrounded by 4 Archangels are clearly seen on the ceiling)and Islamic artifacts,scripts & verses are all over the surrounding upper walls.The Ottoman Muslims that came later did not desecrate the Christian Portrait when the church was turned into a mosque.I am astonished..& we are talking of people who lived hundred of years ago despite having little education obviously but having this level of mutual respect and tolerance..amazing..!!

    Do check out their Republic Founder..;Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as I was amazed on this guy thoughts & he died even before World War 2 started (He did not get married as he did not want his offspring to succeed him..his thought was that the people revered him so much that 1)a dynastic regime could happen & 2)the most competent to lead,elected democratically would not happen due to (1)

    Sorry carried away and digressed a bit.


  14. maveric // 7:47 PM  

    @ CD

    Yes...Turkey is a big country & you need at least a week to go round to all the interesting places..

    Depocakia..sounded like that,I think tops;apparently together with Luxor in Egypt,they are the only 2 places in the world where you can have 'hot air' balloon flights as atmospheric conditions are most conducive (My 1 hour 'once in a lifetime flight' was truly memorable... & the hotels built in caves here are 'great' too.

    The only set back was @ the Cotton Castle( a natural chemical & climatic induced land-forms cum pools formations..suppose to be a UNesco site)but to my opinion,deteriorating fast as people are allowed to 'roam' in the pools..!) They should follow the site management style of 'Jiu Jai Goh' of Sichuan,China.

    Highly recommended country to visit....sorry for wandering off again....

  15. Kris // 8:35 PM  


    Good sharing. You been places I only heard of. Lol. I saw my friend's photo on the hotel built inside the caves and hot air balloons. But i never head of cotton castle before.

    Let me google it :D